O.K MisterUnknown has alredy done one but here are the Rules for mine


1. Only Vote Once, If you vote twice only the first vote will count

2. No being nasty when the results come if your fave character gets a low ranking



Characters that you can Vote

Original Cast

New Cast

Alejandro, Sierra, Blainely

Josh, Chris, Chef, Interns

Svetlana, Manitoba Smith, Chester, Vito, Dakotazoid, Commando Zoey


This Included Me


1st to 5th- 10 Points

6th to 9th- 6 Points

10th/11th/12th- 5 Points

13th to 16th- 3 Points

17th and 18th- 2 Points

19th and 20th- 1 Points


You May vote 20 in 1st (Fave) to 20th


Izzy, Heather, Lindsay, Tyler, Noah (10 Points), Duncan, Gwen, Dawn, Owen (6 Points) Eva, Bridgette, DJ (5 Points), Geoff, Dakotazoid, Zoey, Mike (3 Points), Svetlana, Interns (2 Points), Manitoba, B (1 Point)

That is also my opinion

To Be Helpful please list like above or

10 Points- Izzy, Heather, Lindsay, Tyler, Noah,

6 Points- Duncan, Gwen, Dawn, Owen

5 Points- Eva, Bridgette, DJ

3 Points- Geoff, Dakotazoid, Commando Zoey and Mike

2 Points- Svetlana, Interns

1 Point- Manitoba, B

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