I Know it has only been 2 days but i had so many comments and I am to impatient

Tie Breakers

If there is a tie breaker i have the choice on if i want to use one of my saves or lets you viewers vote


First 5 Marshmallows go to Sadie, Heather, Izzy, Dawn and Bridgette

Getting The next 11 go to Beth, Gwen, Jo, Katie, Anne-Maria, Lindsay, Zoey, LeShawna, Dakota, Staci and Sierra

Eva, Mildred, Courtney, 2 of you 3 will be going home and Cannot return unless its round 8 the return contest

Eva, U are Safe

Eva: Hell Yeah, In Ya Face Courtney

Courtney, U are Safe

All: HUH

Tiebreaker time

Currently Eliminated



Vote for anyone


Tiebreaker- Eva to win

Lindsay +1

Zoey -1

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