The Heroic Hamsters

Sam, Lindsay, Zoey, Mike, Courtney, Cameron, Sierra

The Villainous Vultures

Gwen, Duncan, Heather, Al, Jo, Scott, Lightning

My Prediction


14. Lindsay

Lindsay is probably going to get 14th because based on the trailer she is probably the first to go. And In the trailer I'm pretty sure they'll only reveal the 1st elimination. I think that Courtney will probably persuade Sam, Zoey and Mike to vote Lindsay.


13th Scott

Scott - 13th, 

I think Scott will not get very far as Jo and Lightning would team up to eliminate Scott. Jo would convince Gwen and then Gwen would convince Duncan which makes 4 votes total so Scott would be out


12th - Cameron

Cameron - 12th

Cameron is likely gonna quit at this stage because the competition gets to brutal and then quits because he won last season

Tdri jo 174x252

Jo, 11th

Jo - 11th

Jo formed an alliance with Lightning, Gwen and Duncan after eliminating Scott although Duncan & Gwen convinced Lightning and Alejandro to vote for Jo. 


Alejandro - 10th

10th - Alejandro, 

Heather heard about the alliance of Gwen, Duncan, Lightning & Alejandro despite Alejandro playing along planning to betray the alliance the heroes won the challenge and the reward was deciding who was eliminated. Due to the alliance Heather exposed Alejandro's true nature to the heroes (and Lightning.) which got him voted off. 

Sam (Total Drama Online)

Sammy Boy, 9th

9th - Sam

Lets face it, Sam isn't very popular and Courtney is a B-I-T-C- (Quoted by Heather) and in the end I decided the heroes would think Courtney's more aggresive, determined, athletic and just generally stronger,

All-Star Lightning

Sha-Lightning Sha-Lost sha-and sha-got sha-8th (I don't speak the language of Lightning)

8th Lightning,

Blindsider Gwen and Duncan sha-eliminated him

Merge - Mike, Zoey, Courtney & Sierra (Ex Heroes) and Gwen, Duncan & Heather

Challenge Description

7th Gwen

Courtney and the heroes vote off gwen after losing the challenge. 

Challenge: Eating contest - Mexico

6th Zoey

Challenge - Fake Dates (Or Real) (PAIRS - Courtney X Duncan, Mike X Zoey), (Excused - Heather & Sierra) - France

Mike was planning to take Zoey on a romantic cruise and then a limosine to the eiffel tower. He asked Sierra to practise with him as he was afraid of  making a mistake. The night of Mike's rehearsel Zoey was going up the eiffel tower. As Mike dance rehearsel came to an end she walked in right as Mike said "You are the most beautiful girl I've ever see, Your eyes shine brighter than the moon and they tell story of love" as he leaned in for a kiss. Zoey ran away in tears, Before Mike explained what had happened. The date took place although Sierra felt feelings for Mike and decided to crash the date. Mike accused Zoey of it thinking she was jealous and convinced Courtney, Heather & Sierra to vote Zoey

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