O.K, I Know Sunsummer7 has already done one but this is my Prediction

Total Drama Island

Not So Happy Campers Part 2

Bridgette: Ezekiel

Courtney: Ezekiel

DJ: Courtney

Duncan: Courtney

Eva: Ezekiel

Ezekiel: Eva

Geoff: Ezekiel

Harold: Courtney

Katie + Sadie: Ezekiel

Tyler: Courtney

The Big Sleep

Bridgette: Eva

Courtney: Eva

DJ: Eva

Duncan: Harold

Eva: Harold

Geoff: Eva

Harold: Eva

Katie+Sadie: Eva

Tyler: Eva


Beth: Noah

Cody: Noah

Gwen: Noah

Heather: Noah

Izzy: Noah

Justin: Noah

LeShawna: Noah

Lindsay: Chris McLean (XD)

Noah: Lindsay

Owen: Lindsay

Trent: Noah

Not Quite Famous

Beth: Justin

Cody: Heather

Gwen: Heather

Heather: Justin

Izzy: Justin

Justin: Beth (Fire Batons)

LeShawna: Heather

Lindsay: Justin

Owen: Justin

Trent: Heather

Sucky Outdoors

Bridgette: Sadie

Courtney: Katie

DJ: Sadie

Duncan: Katie

Geoff: Katie

Harold: Sadie

Katie: Tyler

Sadie: Tyler

Tyler: Katie

Phobia Factor

Bridgette: Tyler

Courtney: Tyler

DJ: Tyler

Duncan: Tyler

Geoff: Tyler

Harold: Courtney

Sadie: Courtney

Tyler: Courtney

Up The Creek

Everyone- Izzy

Izzy: Lindsay

If You Can't Take The Heat...


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