• Franky494

    The Heroic Hamsters

    Sam, Lindsay, Zoey, Mike, Courtney, Cameron, Sierra

    The Villainous Vultures

    Gwen, Duncan, Heather, Al, Jo, Scott, Lightning

    Lindsay is probably going to get 14th because based on the trailer she is probably the first to go. And In the trailer I'm pretty sure they'll only reveal the 1st elimination. I think that Courtney will probably persuade Sam, Zoey and Mike to vote Lindsay.

    Scott - 13th, 

    I think Scott will not get very far as Jo and Lightning would team up to eliminate Scott. Jo would convince Gwen and then Gwen would convince Duncan which makes 4 votes total so Scott would be out

    Cameron - 12th

    Cameron is likely gonna quit at this stage because the competition gets to brutal and then quits because he won last season

    Jo - 1…

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  • Franky494

    I'm Franky494 the new host of the rap battles TotalDramaFan2.0/CoGreen2.0 gave me permission

    Please make Suggestions these people have not rapped

    Beth, Harold, Bridgette, DJ, Geoff, Owen, Blaineley, Dakota, Sam, Anne-Maria and Cameron

    Like TDFan2.0/CoGreen2.0 i will need an assistant to help with creating the raps in rap battle

    Host: Franky494

    Assistant Rapper: TBA (First comment gets it)

    I Will not reveal the results of Mike VS Dawn yet

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  • Franky494

    I Know it has only been 2 days but i had so many comments and I am to impatient

    If there is a tie breaker i have the choice on if i want to use one of my saves or lets you viewers vote

    First 5 Marshmallows go to Sadie, Heather, Izzy, Dawn and Bridgette

    Getting The next 11 go to Beth, Gwen, Jo, Katie, Anne-Maria, Lindsay, Zoey, LeShawna, Dakota, Staci and Sierra

    Eva, Mildred, Courtney, 2 of you 3 will be going home and Cannot return unless its round 8 the return contest

    Eva, U are Safe

    Eva: Hell Yeah, In Ya Face Courtney

    Courtney, U are Safe

    All: HUH

    Tiebreaker time


    Vote for anyone


    Tiebreaker- Eva to win

    Lindsay +1

    Zoey -1

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  • Franky494

    1. Izzy

    2. Lindsay,

    3. Gwen

    4. Courtney

    5. Staci

    6. Heather,

    7. Beth

    8. Dakota

    9. Sierra

    10. Blaineley

    11. Eva

    12. Katie

    13. Sadie

    14. Bridgette

    15. LeShawna

    16. Zoey

    17. Anne-Maria

    18. Jo

    19. Dawn

    Vote like this

    +1- Izzy

    -1- Courtney


    Izzy +1

    Courtney -1

    There is a time limit of anywhere between 3 days and 1 week

    through out the Course of this game, I will have 3 saves. Saves mean that I can save someone from elimination.


    Courtney: -1

    Blaineley: -2

    Lindsay: -3

    I Use my save on Lindsay, so Blaineley and Courtney are eliminated

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  • Franky494

    O.K MisterUnknown has alredy done one but here are the Rules for mine

    1. Only Vote Once, If you vote twice only the first vote will count

    2. No being nasty when the results come if your fave character gets a low ranking

    Characters that you can Vote

    Original Cast

    New Cast

    Alejandro, Sierra, Blainely

    Josh, Chris, Chef, Interns

    Svetlana, Manitoba Smith, Chester, Vito, Dakotazoid, Commando Zoey

    This Included Me

    1st to 5th- 10 Points

    6th to 9th- 6 Points

    10th/11th/12th- 5 Points

    13th to 16th- 3 Points

    17th and 18th- 2 Points

    19th and 20th- 1 Points

    You May vote 20 in 1st (Fave) to 20th


    Izzy, Heather, Lindsay, Tyler, Noah (10 Points), Duncan, Gwen, Dawn, Owen (6 Points) Eva, Bridgette, DJ (5 Points), Geoff, Dakotazoid, Zoey, Mike (3 Points), Svetlana, Int…

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