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  • FranchescaApolly

    38th - Ezekiel

     Never liked him. How well the girls are worse than boys at all? Not a chance. Glad to disgrace him.      


    37th - Harold

    Sabotage the hope that Courtney is a eliminated? Not a chance! Lost all chances to be one of my favorite Harold, and also I never understood what you say.


    36th - Staci



    35th - Cameron

    I still wonder, how he came to final?


    34th - Katie

    Too bad she attende…

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  • FranchescaApolly

    Total Drama All- Stars 2 - Who will participate? My Opinion .

    Who will not participate :

    - Mike : Now that he no longer has his multiple personalities , he's just a normal guy like everyone else , then he has no reason to return .

    - Zoey : For me she entered the competition to save Mike , now that the evil is gone , she can also go .

    - Ezekiel - For obvious reasons , it will not return .

    - Dakota - For obvious reasons , she will not return .

    - Sam - He only agreed to return to the All -Stars thinking that the island was still Radioactive , everyone knows that this will not happen again, then it is discarded .

    - Heather and Alejandro - Heather was the villain of the first season , and Alejandro villain of the third season . Now they've taken the courtship , has…

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