Hi. Again. Before I start with another Review/Rant blog about Leonard, I'd like to start off with an entire season idea for Total Drama's 6th season. Although these ideas are unlikely to happen, this blog post was made for fun. Here are the basics:

  • The competition takes place in Pahkitew Island
  • Like Total Drama: All-Stars, many elements from past seasons will be featured but not only in challenges but also the competition alone. In addition, contestants will be placed in teams based on past performances.
  • The Cannon of Shame is still the method of elimination
  • Like Total Drama World Tour, the season will start off with three teams: Team Brain, Team Brawn, and Team Beauty. Of course, two teams will be uneven in genders (Team Brain having more males, Team Beauty having more females, and Team Brawn having an equal amount.)
  • Like Total Drama Action and World Tour, new contestants will debut in the middle of the game's duration.
  • Like Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, former contestants (This time, contestants from The Ridonculous Race) will cameo and demonstrate challenges.
  • Like Total Drama World Tour and All-Stars, the teams are rewarded based on where they placed. (Winners get to stay in the McLean Brand Mansion with food, runner-ups stay in the treehouse built from last season without food, and losers get no food or shelter.)
  • Like Total Drama Island, there are 26 episodes. However, with 24 contestants (Eventually 27) competing, there will hardly be any non-elimination rounds (only 2 non-elimination rounds only taking place before the merge).
  • Before the new contestants debut, only contestants from Total Drama Island to Total Drama Pahkitew Island are competing.
  • Like Total Drama Action and Pahkitew Island, there is more than one antagonist on the loose.
  • This is the third season where the inferior team is left with less than 3 members. However unlike World Tour, that team was never fully eliminated and blown off the map. 
  • Like the first three seasons and Pahkitew Island, no immunity idol is present.
  • Occasionally, after the merge, the winners are allowed to eliminate someone without the process of votes.
  • Like World Tour and The RIdonculous Race, there is a three-way finale. Of course, one contestant must be eliminated on all endings
  • This is the first time since Total Drama Action where absolutely NO team swaps take place.
  • Like Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action (Beth's ending only), and Total Drama World Tour, the winners (or runner-ups) of the competition eventually lose the million dollars.
    • Unlike TDI and TDA, the prize money is lost on the same episode of the finale

Now onto the teams and the contestants: (Note: Italics note that this member is team captain, and Bold notes that this member is one the newbies that debuted in the middle of the season)


Team Brain (superior team; Most wins but one less member than Team Beauty at the merge): Shawn, Beth, Noah, Dave, Izzy, Harold, Sam, Max, Emma

Team Brawn (inferior team; Toxic Rats 2.0? 7 team members lost before the merge): Jasmine, Jo, Geoff, Bridgette, Scott, Eva, Tyler, Owen, EnnuiCrimson

Team Beauty (runner-up team but one more member than Team Brain at the merge): Heather, Amy, Justin, Sugar, Leshawna, Lindsay, Trent, Samey

Character Changes 

Also, onto the changes. While some characters remain the same, some have either been restored to their past self, derailed, or generally changed.

  • Noah has been restored to his sarcastic self but at the cost of him becoming a fodder character again.
  • Because Tom McGillis has confirmed that Lindsay and Tyler broke up off-screen, neither of the two pay attention to each other anymore. 
  • Amy becomes a more nasty competitor like Heather thus becoming the main antagonist of this season.
  • Without Sky and with no more people to befriend, Dave becomes a fodder character. In addition, Dave is also now voiced by Justin's voice actor: Adam Reid.
  • Trent and Leshawna have been restored to their TDI selves like Owen and Geoff
  • Sam, Justin, and Harold become more competant players thus allowing them to go far in the competition.
  • Scott will become less competant thus trailing him down. This results to him being eliminated before the merge but is not a fodder character.
  • Losing her antagonistic role, Sugar is now a fodder character.
  • It is revealed that Ennui kept his even darker side well-hidden in the Ridonculous Race. Therefore he becomes secondary antagonist of Total Drama and is more set on winning.
  • Plot between Trent, Amy, and Samey is formed. Plots include: "SameyxTrent" plot and the "Trent vs. Amy" plot
  • Emma receives negative character development as she becomes highly opinionated about her teammates and even the cast. Therefore, she is unpopular among all of Team Brain (Harold, Max, Beth, Sam and Izzy) and even some of the mergers (Leshawna, Crimson, Ennui, and Amy).

Character Details

Of course, everything you see above is not all. In fact, many other characters have plots, minor or not. This list will analyze all characters in the order of their placing.


Tyler returns mainly to show off his "strengths" and inputted that he didn't get the chance to on previous seasons he competed in. However, nothing changed in him and everything he did caused him to get himself injured. Ultimately, his clumsiness was his weakness and was the reason why he was eliminated in the first place.

Relationship: Lindsay (broken-up, offscreen)

Friends: NoahOwen

Enemies: Eva, JoJasmine (one-sided on her side)


Turning toward the more competitive side due to getting sick of losing, Owen decides to rejoin Total Drama. Little did he know, however, getting the chance to eat is a reward rather than a basis. Given that Owen lives to eat, he wasn't much help to the team and is one of the least liked team members of the Brawns.

Friends: Geoff, IzzyNoahTyler

Enemies: ScottJo (one-sided on her side), Jasmine (one-sided on her side)


Even after all of the stress he went through in the previous season, he surprisingly regained the majority of the sanity he lost. However, this did not stop him from being unpopular among the cast. Many of his teammates thought he was still childish and immature. Dave was even a huge target for the main antagonist, Amy. She tricked Dave into venting about his teammates (which angered them) which sealed his fate in the elimination ceremony after the Brain's loss.

New Voice Actor: Adam Reid

Friends: Harold (one-sided on Harold's side)

Enemies: IzzyMax, Sam, ShawnBeth (one-sided on his side), Harold (one-sided on Dave's side)


Eva believed she was robbed of her chances in every season. Luckily enough, she was allowed back this time. Although Eva controls her anger more often than she did years ago, she still has trouble managing her temper. Oddly enough, she was unaware of Amy's true intentions and fell for her trick. 

Friends: Izzy, JoNoah

Enemies: BridgetteGeoffJasmine, ScottTyler


Lots have changed in 3 years. Noah is still set on winning the competition. However, the flaw he still carries that keep him from being an asset to Team Brain is that he is still lacking in physical capability and potential. The challenges were overwhelmingly enough for him to find it hopeless for him even if he tries. And yes, he becomes sarcastic and cynical again given that Emma is not in the competition and she was the reason why his personality drastically changed in the first place.

Relationship: Emma (status unknown)

Friends: EvaIzzyOwenShawn, Tyler

Enemies: MaxHarold (one-sided on Noah's side)


Despite disagreeing on competing for another season, his contracts forced him in. However, in the confessional, Shawn said he wanted/needed another chance at a million dollars in any way possible since he "placed second last season" (In countries where Shawn's ending aired, the line is replaced with "I did the math and it turned out, I didn't have enough cash for my zombie-proof bunker!" given that he split the money with Jasmine.)

Yes, as always, his fear of zombies is still a major flaw he carries. He even complained at his team name, given that he thinks anything with "Brain" is what attracts the zombies. Despite his flaws, he is still believed to be an asset to the team as he is the most athletic compared to everyone else in the team combined. As a result, the Brains agreed that Shawn be team captain. 

But his spotlight doesn't last long when Amy used his fear of zombies against him, leading to his elimination. He wasn't voted off, however. Instead, he QUIT the competition. Normally, he would switch over to "Team Brawn" given that the team is unbalanced and that he has some Brawn in him, but Chris is no longer nice enough to give quitters another chance and left the latter to dig his own grave.

Alliances With: Jasmine

Relationship: Beth (one-sided on her side, ended), Jasmine

Friends: BethHarold, JasmineNoah

Enemies: Dave, Heather, Max, SugarIzzy (one-sided on his side),


Like Shawn, Jasmine initially did not want to compete for another season. But given that she was offered another million dollars, the choice was tempting. She was disappointed when she and Shawn were placed on different teams. However, both agreed that they will never become nasty rivals while on seperate teams and would form an alliance as soon as the teams merge, ASSUMING they DO make it, which never happened. 

Like always, Jasmine still has trouble making friends as she appears intimidating. Though, intrigued by her leadership, the Brawns nevertheless nominate Jasmine as team captain much to Jo's dismay as she believed she would be better captain. Due to contrasting personalities and leadership, Jasmine and Jo become enemies. 

Alliances With: Shawn

Friends: Samey, Shawn, Trent

Enemies: EvaJoScottOwen (one-sided on her side), Tyler (one-sided on her side)


Stuck on her gross habits of eating and farting, Sugar has not changed much aside from her gain of weight. In addition, she's no longer as bright as she used to be last season. Because she did not have much brain nor does she have brawn, she was placed on Team Beauty since that was the only thing she believed she had. However, she wasn't much help to the team. Furthermore, her gross habits became disturbing for her teammates. As a result, she was one of the least-liked team members.

Alliances With: Justin (one-sided on her side)

Friends: Justin (one-sided on her side)

Enemies: Amy, Heather, Lindsay, Samey, Trent, Justin (one-sided on his side)


Not much has changed in Geoff. He still hungers for fame and is still an easy-going party dude. Other than wanting the million dollars, he joined the competition mainly to get camera time. While he is nice to the other competitors he doesn't think highly of them and cares only about himself and his love-life Bridgette. Due to having no awareness, let alone no concern about his teammates, he becomes an easy target to vote off. Yeah, Geoff's practically Dakota 2.0 in this season, except he doesn't get mutated.

Relationship: Bridgette

Friends: BridgetteOwen

Enemies: EvaJo


Jo has always been a control-freak. She even frequently voted for Jasmine every elimination ceremony just to steal her position as team captain. Additionally, Jo has become more competitive and expects plenty from her teammates. Being on the inferior team, everytime she and her team loses, she is always frustrated to the point where she insults her teammates for their poor performance in every challenge. Ultimately, this had led to an immense dislike and disrespect toward her. Even unlikely friends, Bridgette and Scott vote her off for her behavior. 

Friends: Eva

Enemies: BridgetteHeatherGeoffJasmineScott, Tyler, Owen (one-sided on her side)


While Lindsay is still not very bright, she now becomes aware of the bad vibes that come from most of her team members that she never knew before (Sugar and Amy for example). Overall, nothing much had changed in Lindsay despite all of these years that past since her last participation in Total Drama. To prove this, she STILL does not know how the elimination process works. Because of this, she accidentally votes herself off... AGAIN.

Relationship: Tyler (broken up, off-screen)

Friends: BethLeshawnaSameyTrent

Enemies: Amy, Crimson, Ennui, Heather, JustinMaxSugar


Despite lacking physical talent, Scott was nevertheless placed on Team Brawn for his surprising performances in the last two seasons he competed in. Scott is still full of surprises but he's not much of a schemer as he used to be in the very first season he debuted in. One of the major drawbacks that Scott still holds is the lack of trust between him and his team members seeing that his former tactic was to throw all of the challenges to gain a winning edge in the middle of the competition. 

While, virtually none of his teammates respect him in any aspect whatsoever, he was able to befriend only one person in the competition for having mutual hatred for a control freak.

Alliances With: Bridgette

Friends: Bridgette

Enemies: EvaJasmineJoOwenCrimson (one-sided on her side), Ennui (one-sided on Ennui's side)


Emma was forced into the competition despite disagreeing on joining, but when it came down to thinking about the money, she needed and wanted the million more than anything else (In the confessional she stated she'd even give up on Noah for the million but quickly tried to cover up what she said). Emma was placed on Team Brain much to her dismay considering that virtually none of her teammates have physical skill. Emma became highly opinionated and even insulted her team members in hopes of motivating them enough to win. Ultimately, her harshness became her downfall in the merge. Even the goths Crimson and Ennui found Emma as a threat and voted her off immediately after the merger. 

Emma is also one of the few characters who interacted with another contestant prior to the show. It was revealed that Heather had bullied Emma for their entire High School life.

Relationship: Noah (status unknown)

Enemies: AmyBethCrimsonEnnui, HeatherIzzyMax, SamHarold (one-sided on her side)


Elimination Prediction

I also made an elimination prediction. 

1st Elimination:

  • Winners: Team Beauty
  • Losers: Team Brawn
  • Eliminated: Tyler (Team Brawn)
  • Reason: Voted out due to his clumsiness convincing his teammates that he is useless.

2nd Elimination:

  • Winners: Team Brain
  • Losers: Team Brawn
  • Eliminated: Owen (Team Brawn)
  • Reason: Voted out for not participating in the challenge (since he did not get any food)
  • Cameos: Brody

3rd Elimination:

  • Winners: Team Beauty
  • Losers: Team Brain
  • Eliminated: Dave (Team Brain)
  • Reason: Voted out for his repetitive insults about his fellow teammates. (Amy caused this elimination)
  • Cameos: Carrie

4th Elimination:

  • Winners: Team Brain
  • Losers: Team Brawn
  • Eliminated: Eva (Team Brawn)
  • Reason: Voted out due to her anger issues. (Amy caused this elimination)

5th Elimination:

  • Winners: Team Brawn
  • Losers: Team Brain
  • Eliminated: Noah (Team Brain) and Shawn (Team Brain)
  • Reason: Noah was voted out due to being the first one eliminated in the challenge. Shawn quit thanks to Amy convincing him that the zombies are coming for him and that there is no counter-attack. 
  • Cameos: MacArthur and Sanders

6th Elimination:

  • Winners: Team Brain
  • Losers: Team Brawn
  • Eliminated: Jasmine (Team Brawn)
  • Reason: Voted out for costing the game for her team.

7th Elimination:

  • Winners: Team Brain
  • Losers: Team Beauty
  • Eliminated: Sugar (Team Beauty)
  • Reason: Voted out per Amy's decision to keep herself safe (Amy caused this elimination)
  • Cameos: Spud

8th Elimination:

  • Winners: Team Beauty
  • Losers: Team Brawn
  • Eliminated: Geoff (Team Brawn)
  • Reason: TBA

9th Elimination:

  • Winners: Team Brain
  • Losers: Team Brawn
  • Eliminated: Jo (Team Brawn)
  • Reason: Bridgette and Scott befriended each other and both decide to vote off Jo for her obsession about being new team captain. Both were annoyed at this behavior
  • Cameos: Taylor

10th Elimination:

  • Winners: Team Brawn
  • Losers: Team Beauty
  • Eliminated: Lindsay (Team Beauty)
  • Reason: She once again forgot how the elimination system works and votes herself off. (Amy indirectly causes this elimination)
  • Emma, Crimson, and Ennui debut
  • Cameos: Kitty

11th Elimination:

  • Winners: Team Beauty
  • Losers: Team Brawn
  • Eliminated: Scott (Team Brawn)
  • Reason: Ennui and Crimson votes Scott because they dislike his vibes (Ennui caused this elimination)

=================================MERGE TIME=================================

12th Elimination:

  • Winner: Ennui
  • Eliminated: Emma
  • Reason: Ennui perceives Emma as a threat due to her figuring out that Ennui is a major threat.
  • Cameos: Ryan

13th Elimination:

  • Winner: Amy
  • Eliminated: Bridgette
  • Reason: TBA

14th Elimination:

  • Winner: Justin
  • Eliminated: Max
  • Reason: Max was the last to finish the challenge.
  • Cameos: Laurie

15th Elimination:

  • Winner: Justin
  • Eliminated: Sam
  • Reason: TBA

16th Elimination:

  • Winner: Crimson
  • Eliminated: Izzy
  • Reason: TBA

17th Elimination:

  • Winner: Amy
  • Eliminated: Heather
  • Reason: Amy targeted her largest threat and chose to eliminate her.
  • Cameos: Josee

18th Elimination:

  • Winner: Crimson
  • Eliminated: Samey
  • Reason: Because Amy knew she was going to get voted off if she didn't do anything, she messed with the votes and cheated Samey out of the competition.

19th Elimination:

  • Winner: Amy
  • Eliminated: Harold
  • Reason: TBA
  • Cameos: Devin

20th Elimination:

  • Winner: Trent
  • Eliminated: Leshawna
  • Reason: TBA

21st Elimination:

  • Winner: Ennui
  • Eliminated: Crimson
  • Reason: The rest of the cast finally figured out that Ennui is a threat but since he has immunity. They all went against Crimson.

22nd Elimination:

  • Winner: Ennui
  • Eliminated: Beth
  • Reason: Disqualified for... TBA

23rd Elimination:

  • Winner: Trent
  • Eliminated: Ennui
  • Reason: Trent and Justin voted Ennui out. 
  • Cameos: Pete (final cameo)


  • Eliminated on all endings: Justin
  • Intended Runner-up: Trent (Winner in Romania and Russia only; Second character to never have their English dubbed ending aired, first being Gwen)
  • Intended Winner: Amy (Winner in Canada, USA, UK, and all other countries)

Elimination Order

Participant Team Status Placing
Tyler Team Brawn 1st Voted out
in "Clumsiness is the Weakness"
27th Place Non-Merged
Owen Team Brawn 2nd Voted out
in Episode 2
26th Place
Dave Team Brain 3rd Voted out
in Episode 3
25th Place
Eva Team Brawn 4th Voted out
in Episode 4
24th Place
Noah Team Brain 5th/6th Voted out
in Episode 5
23rd/22nd Place
Shawn Team Brain 5th/6th Quit
in Episode 5
Jasmine Team Brawn 7th Voted out
in Episode 6
21st Place
Sugar Team Beauty 8th Voted out
in Episode 7
20th Place
Geoff Team Brawn 9th Voted out
in Episode 9
19th Place
Jo Team Brawn 10th Voted out
in Episode 10
18th Place
Lindsay Team Beauty 11th Voted out
in Episode 12
17th Place
Scott Team Brawn 12th Voted out
in Episode 13
16th Place
Emma Team Brain Debuted in Episode 12
13th Voted out
in Episode 14
15th Place Merged
Bridgette Team Brawn 14th Voted out
in Episode 15
14th Place
Max Team Brain 15th Eliminated
in Episode 16
13th Place
Sam Team Brain 16th Voted out
in Episode 17
12th Place
Izzy Team Brain 17th Voted out
in Episode 18
11th Place
Heather Team Beauty 18th Eliminated
in Episode 19
10th Place
Samey Team Beauty 19th Cheated out
in Episode 20
9th Place
Harold Team Brain 20th Eliminated
in Episode 21
8th Place
Leshawna Team Beauty 21th Eliminated
in Episode 22
7th Place
Crimson Team Brawn Debuted in Episode 12
22th Voted out
in Episode 23
6th Place
Beth Team Brain 23th Disqualified
in Episode 24
5th Place
Ennui Team Brawn Debuted in Episode 12
24th Voted out
in Episode 25
4th Place
Justin Team Beauty 25th Eliminated
in Episode 26
3rd Place
Trent Team Beauty

Winner in Episode 26
Runner-up in Amy's ending

Amy Team Beauty

Winner in Episode 26
Runner-up in Trent's ending

Antagonist Karma?

No. Despite being the antagonist, Amy does not receive any appropriate karma. She doesn't get her head shaved, temporarily become a hideous deformed "circus freak", have someone accidentally vote her offget soaked in lava and get placed in a robot suit, get mauled by a mutant shark and get placed in a robot suit, get banished within own subconscious by a reset button, get disqualified for being evil, nor does she get disqualified for having a poor talent. Not counting Mike, she is the only antagonist to never receive karma in any way. The only worst thing that happened to her in this season is where she lost the prize money in the end (which also happens to Trent in his ending)

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