Attention: Negative opinions on this character will begin at the Total Drama World Tour and Total Drama All-Stars sections. I suggest avoid reading those sections as I may or may not get harsh.

Hey guys, so I'm back with another blog post reviewing a Total Drama franchise character. Today, we'll talk about Lindsay and my analysis on her from TDI to TDAS. As I said from the last blog post, I will only review the liked, hated, or controversial. Lindsay is ho- I mean, Lindsay is a decent character... according to many viewers. In light of this, Lindsay falls into the liked category.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Who are you

The host is... um...

In this season, we learned that Lindsay is a dimwit however, she still started off strong... mainly because Heather formed a fake alliance with her and Beth. Although Lindsay isn't very bright, it's proven that she's not as stupid as intended to be at times. Such as when she dared Heather to shave her head possibly remembering and using Heather's threat against herself. And how she cussed out Heather giving her the finger in the process which is what a dimwit wouldn't normally do.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you sure Lindsay is as stupid as she seems?

Overall, Lindsay was well-rounded and she was a great character throughout the remainder of this season. I should also mention that the Lyler ship is hot (kinda disappointed that Fresh TV ended this ship off-screen.) However, Lindsay wasn't flawless. Lindsay lacked a plot though the only plot she had was her alliance with Heather which ended on one episode along with her participation in the game which is pretty much it.  

Lindsay is ranked #5 on my Rankings for this season.

Total Drama Action Edit

Lindsay Wonder Woman

Lindsay's so hot as Wonder- Er- Nothing!

The fact that Lindsay isn't as stupid as originally intended to be is further proven in this season as she nominates herself as team captain of the Killer Grips and demonstrates that she has the ability to solve problems.  Though this didn't mean she wasn't an easy target for the antagonists. Without Heather to mess with her, Lindsay ended up as a strong competitor... up until Courtney debuted and stopped her. Positive opinions aside, Lindsay is still not without flaw. Her stupidity returned when she sealed her own fate which was disappointing. In addition, she STILL lacked an interesting plot. However, when it comes to comedic values, Lindsay is still well-rounded. Her childlike nature and hotn- I mean, her niceness still defies all the flaws.

Lindsay is ranked #4 on my Rankings for this season.

Total Drama World TourEdit


Did Lindsay remember "Noah"? Yep.

Despite still being loveable and funny, her stupidity was beginning to get stale in this season. In addition a new running gag began and it had something to do with forgetting Tyler's name all thanks to his absense in Total Drama Action. And even after the two seasons before this one, Lindsay STILL lacked a plot. Thankfully though, she was not one of the females whose elimination was caused by Alejandro. Also, she finally remembers who Tyler is but still does not last long enough for the team merge.

Lindsay is ranked #8 on my Rankings for this season.

Total Drama All-StarsEdit

TDAS Lindsay Vote

I'm disappointed how Lindsay turned out to be in this season.

I'm sorry Lindsay fans, you won't like this section as there will only be negative opinions on this character. I admit that this season is where I'm tired of this character due to repetitive idiocy and the fact that she still had zero plot. In the first episode, she stated in the confessional that she wanted to quit because the competition "wasn't worth it". Seriously? That's stupid. And the fact that she voted herself off again was unnecessary did not make the situation any better. Thankfully, Lindsay isn't the worst character of this season as there were other characters that suffered more than her in terms of their character (specifically Duncan and Gwen).

Lindsay is ranked #12 on my Rankings for this season.


Although she turned out to be twice stupid in Total Drama All-Stars than in Total Drama Island, Lindsay was still well-rounded and overall decent. Despite this, I do not want her to return in future seasons. Why? Simply because like Noah, I don't want her ruined as a character. After all, the writers are obsessed with ruining fan favorites besides Owen (who turns out to be their favorite as well) after seeing that they completely destroyed Duncan, Gwen, Leshawna, Noah, and Mike. 


Lindsay is so fab... not so much in TDAS.