Despite the title, there is no ranting on this character. Just something I should let you all know.

Hi guys, before I start another character Review\Rant blog on Leonard. I want to review one of the most hot- I mean, underrated characters in the franchise (not counting the ones who were fodder and lasted only one or two episodes). Again, as I said from the very first post I will only review the liked, hated, or controversial characters. Yep, it's Justin. Since he's underrated, he falls into the hated category. 

Total Drama Island

Justin uses his powers

Why are you so quiet?

Since Justin never spoke in this season, I couldn't tell what's good or bad about him. The only clever move he did was when he cheated in a challenge by painting his eyes and falling asleep to make it look like he's wide awake. In addition, the only time he helped his team to a major extent was when he performed his talent which did not work out for him in the end and resulted in him being voted out. But those actions still weren't enough for us to distinguish his personality making us assume he had none. Because of these extreme flaws of him having no plot and being too quiet, I ended up having a slight dislike on him.

Justin is ranked #15 on my Rankings for this season.

Total Drama Action


"I'm Timber-Man! And I can float!" ~ Justin

This is the season where Justin turned out to be an overall good character. I liked the fact that Fresh TV gave him a plot, made him the main antagonist, and finally developed his personality to make up for his poor performance in the previous season. I do like me some characters that redeem themselves. We learned that Justin isn't too bright. But like Lindsay, I think he was funny. The running gag of him getting hurt in the face was dramatic both in a good way and in a bad way (mainly because he temporarily turned into a hideous "deformed beast"). Though what sucked is that he didn't turn out to be a nasty competitor and yet received karma when there is someone else who deserved it more than he did.

Justin is ranked #6 on my Rankings for this season.


I somehow don't get the Justin hate. I think I'm the only one who thinks Justin is decent (mainly TDA). Is Justin as bad as everyone says he is? Sure, he wasn't the best villain but other than that, what's so bad about him?

While it's unlikely, I look forward to seeing Justin return to the competition possibly along with Alejandro as well. I wonder how they will interract seeing that both of those characters care so much about how good they look. In addition, I believe Justin needs a bit more development.


Justin is hot- I mean, he's an overall good character yet he's hated.

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