Hey guys, I've been wondering for quite a while why people hate Jacques as much as Josee, or even more hate than the other antagonists in the Total Drama franchise. 

I know what you're thinking: "Doesn't matter. Jacques is just the same." or "Because he and Josee were the main antagonists of the Ridonculous Race."

I admit, the Ice Dancers are a very powerful team, and, in many ways abusive and un-sportsman-like. But most of the time, it's just one member (Josee) of the team ordering around the other (Jacques) to commence the sabotage. 

I would say that in most of the Ice Dancers' abuse in the competition, Jacques is not the one at fault. In Bahamarama, he even admits that he is not above cheating and sabotage and just went along with Josee's plans the whole time, thinking he would "win the gold this way", alas, none of Josee's plans worked (they technically did; it just got them penalties after penalties) the way Jacques expected.

I get that antagonists get the most hate out of everyone else in the cast in that season but I should remind you all that out of all the antagonists in the franchise there is someone much worse and that aggressor caused the most amount of eliminations (referring to Heather) yet most of us call that aggressor our favorite character. I want to wonder why.

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