Since another season of TD was confirmed in Noah & Owen's elimination in RR, I wondered who else would appear again. Who would you want to return in the next season? I'm allowing characters from RR to be in your picks, but they must be in the age range. Also, you can explain why you want to see them again, but you don't have to. Here's who I'd like to see:

Trent (favorite character who needs to appear more)

Noah (confirmed)

Owen (confirmed)

Gwen (so she could hang out with Trent and end rivalries)

Heather (OF COURSE!)

Leshawna (didn't get a proper appearence in World Tour)



Jo (needed a better appearence after All-Stars)

Brick (he'd be hilarious and courageous)

Scott (why not)

Anne Maria (I couldn't think of anyone else from G2)  

Jasmine (OF COURSE!)

Sugar (haters gonna hate!)

Shawn (for comedy and Jasmine)

Max (comedic)

Ella (so she could try and make up with Sugar, but may get an early elimination)

Beardo (his audition said that he could be a great guy if he stayed long enough, I want to see that version of Beardo)

Ennui (he has the power to be a great villain if he wants to)

Rock (motivational and helpful)

Emma (so she could interact with Noah and maybe get in a rivalry with Heather or Jo)

Macarthur (I would've chosen Jacuqes or Josee, but they're too old and Sanders is a complete character)

Mickey (since Cameron's appearence in All-Stars was lackluster)

Mary (since Ellody was the center of attention in RR and Chris doesn't want Scarlett competing again)

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