After the conclusion of season 1 of the Ridonculous Race, it would be cool if some of those debuting characters could apprear in Total Drama as well. What are your picks?

Here's my picks from each eligable team (estimating 16 - 19 yrs old)

Tom the Fashion Blogger (thought he was much better than Jen)

Lorenzo the Stepbrother (thought he was slightly better than Chet)

Emma the Sister (has a relationship with Noah, also I think Kitty's overrated)

Ellody the Genius (needs more screen time)

Ryan the Dater (thought he was way better than Stephanie)

Ennui the Goth (favorite character of the season)

Mickey the Adversity Twin (thought he was better than Jay)

Brody the Surfer Dude (why not?)

Taylor the Daughter (may be a good antagonist)

Carrie the Best Friend (way better than Devin)

Tammy the LARPer (needs more screen time)

MacArthur the Police Cadet (thought she was better than Sanders)

Rock the Rocker (thought he was better than Spud)

Laurie the Vegan (thought she was better than Miles)

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