Just because everyone else is doing them.

Timmy and Barry - Youngsters

Timmy and Barry are just a couple of young lads who do everything together. They’re ambitious, hyper, and always happy and peppy. They want to spend the money on materials to make a giant treehouse. 

Ed and Al - Redeemed Criminals

Ed and Al were in jail for quite a while, but have been released. Since then, they have realized that they were bad people back then, especially to their families. They want to make it up to them by competing in the Ridonculous Race. 

Mark and Jake - Gamers

Mark and Jake are popular gamers on the internet, and usually collaborate together. Mark is timid and shy, whereas Jake is in-your-face and hyper.

Lisa and Andrew - Husband and Wife

Lisa and Andrew have recently gotten married, and want to make the future of their children as great as possible. So, they’re competing in the Race to raise more money for their child to grow. Both of them are kind and loving, but a little clumsy. 

Julia and Chad - Celebrities

Chad is an actor and Julia is a fashion model, together they make a menacing team. They’re both full of themselves and snobby towards minorities.

Lilith and Nora - Musicians

Lilith and Nora are musicians with hearts of gold. Lilith is into orchestral music, whereas Nora practices blues music. They want to open an instrument store together and teach young and aspiring musicians. 

Ian and Vi - Furries

Ian and Vi are avid members of the furry fandom (people who are into human-like animals, but not the stereotypical kind people think furries are like). Ian is chill and smart, and Vi is feisty and determined. 

Ruth and Ben - Farmers

Ruth and Ben are cousins who live in the south. Despite working very well together, they are complete opposites and bicker a lot. Ben is a rowdy and uneducated country bumpkin who’s in it for the money. Ruth on the other hand is a cool and well-respected farmer who knows her way around nature. She usually has to guide Ben through tough situations and makes sure he doesn’t stray away.

Rob and Hilary - New Athletes

Rob and Hilary consider themselves to be overweight and want to find an easy way out of exercising for months. How about participating in a game show for a few weeks? Yeah, that seems about right. 

Paige and Amanda - Dancers

Paige and Amanda are athletic, graceful, and cheerful dancers. They’re very competitive, yet worrisome and nervous.

Zach and Jerry - Mathletes

In short, they’re nerdy teens who are obsessed with math. Definitely fodder. 

Jeremiah and Jordan - Emos

Before you call them Goth knockoffs, I feel like they’re much different. Crimson and Ennui are emotionless and love dark things. Both of these depressed guys are poetic and sorrowful, looking at the dreary things in life. However, Jeremiah and Jordan are very tragic characters. Recently, one of their best friends passed away and wanted to send condolences to their family. The Race was the best choice to gain the largest amount of money possible. 

Brandy and Biff - Artists

Brandy and Biff are artistic partners who are competing just for fun. Biff is a conflicted person thinking about his career, and has some serious anger issues. Brandy is a madcap tomboy who enjoys drawing in various mediums and really cares for the people around her - especially Biff.

Paul and Jim - Chaps

Paul and Jim are best friends hailing from the Great Britain… and they’re just too kind. Both are  gentlemen with thick accents and present all the British stereotypes in a hilarious manner.

Ava and Casey - Geeks

They’re comic book, video game, and movie fanatics. Not much else is known about them. Definitely fodder. 

Aidan and Amirah - Pilots

Aidan and Amirah work in the flight industry as plane pilots. They’re smart, cunning, and experienced in travel. 

Tommy and Steve - Skaters

Tommy and Steve are much like the Surfers, only edgier and gnarlier. 

Maria and Janice - Dog Tamers

Both are cute dog lovers and train them for a living. They’re both peppy and frilly, and enjoy what they do.

Any criticism or praise? Please tell me.

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