Hey everyone, welcome to my Top 84 Total Drama contestants! Disclaimer: This is a collection of my unpopular personal opinions and l have bad grammar, so you have been warned. Anyways, let the zaniness begin!


TD G1 = Total Drama Generation 1 TD G1.5 = Total Drama World Tour debut cast TD G2 = Total Drama Generation 2 TD G3 = Total Drama Generation 3 RR G1 = Ridonculous Race Generation 1


84. Jen (RR G1)


Aside from GOSH DARNED CHRIS, Jen is my least favorite. You know what I hate? Trends, arrogance, and gender roles. Jen combines all these traits and the result is abyssmal. Accompanied by her annoying voice and unoriginal stereotype, that adds to the hatred I have towards her. I don't want to go any further, otherwise this post would be dedicated to how much I hate Jen. Moving on!

83. Sam (TD G2)

Sam vide ogame

As a proud gamer I was incredibly offended by the representation of Sam. Gamers are usually witty and fun people to be around. Sam is a filthy casual nerd who doesn't go outside that often, and he's delusional and not a good team player. He's only motivated by video games, and games were the reason why he was eliminated. It was also pretty pointless when he was brought back in All-Stars, he didn't do that much except cheat in one challenge.

82. Mike (TD G2)

Food Fright Mike

Aside from Sam, Mike is the most offensive character out of the cast. As a character, Mike is very boring, he has nothing special about him except his multiple personalities. Oh look, the first Total Drama character that has a disorder! Who's next? The Tourettes kid? The Autistic? As for his personalities... well... they're an angry elder, a Russian acrobat, Australian Indiana Jones, the Situation, and Jeff the Killer. The worst part is that he gets rid of his personalities... WITH THE PUSH OF A BUTTON. DISORDERS DON'T JUST GO AWAY WITH THE PUSH OF A BUTTON!

81. Staci (TD G2)


Staci has an annoying voice, constantly lies, has a loathsome design, and she's just pointless all around. NEXT!

80. Tom (RR G1)


Much like Jen, Tom is rude, judgemental, and annoying, but he can be funny at times which is why he's higher than her. As for the rest of this blogger, he's still trendy and cowardish. However, what gets him this low is that the people behind TD confirmed that Tom is a homosexual. Now, don't get me wrong, we need more variety of sexual orientations in children's television, as seen with Jacques (a MUCH better character). However the thing is, it makes sense for Tom to be gay… and that makes it ALL THE MORE OFFENSIVE. With Jacques, he doesn't show any homosexual stereotypes, only that he's slightly flamboyant. Here we have a girly guy in the fashion industry that has a strangely high voice. Basically the "gay best friend trope" and a totally inacurrate representation of said orientation.

79. Leonard (TD G3)


Like Staci, Leonard is also a pointless character, in fact they have lots of similarities. They both lie, have irritating voices, and have hideous designs. However, Leonard is a much different character. I never understood why people would dress up as Medieval characters and roleplay. Leonard doesn't just LARP, he LIVES LARPING. He believes he's a wizard, and won't deny it. It was also lame that he was brought back in the Ridonculous Race, and made him more snarky and rude. The only reason why he's above Staci is that he at least had one or two chuckle worthy scenes. Other than that he's just terrible all around. If you're looking for a better character that LARPs, I'd recommend Tavros Nitram from Homestuck.

78. Duncan (TD G1)

Duncan TRR Rank

Now for my least favorite out of the original cast: Duncan. He's the reason the love pentagon exists, he bullied multiple contestants, and he never won any actual challenges aside from winning Total Drama Action. He's rude, manipulative, and a bit of a womanizer. Plus, he gets WAY too much screen time, and his "bad-guy turning good" arc was also unecessary.

77. Amy (TD G3)


Amy is a complete sadist towards her sister Sammy. Just because you were born first it doesn't mean you have to treat Sammy like garbage. At first she had the potential to be a villain, but she wasted it trying to make her sister's life a wreck. Aside from hating her twin, Amy's just a stereotypical cheerleader who thinks she's the center of the universe when in reality nobody likes her. Just don't bring her back, please.

76. Taylor (RR G1)


What happens when you combine Amy with pre-character development Dakota and add a dash of Jen? You get Taylor. Taylor is one of the whiniest and rudest contestants this show has ever had. She's rich, popular, and jerky towards everyone, ESPECIALLY HER MOTHER. Why do you treat the person who gave birth to you like trash? Show some respect! Other than that she's a total narcissist who spouts loathsome trendy words such as ratchet and whatever the hell "chipotle" means. Even when she made up with her mother she said that she's only doing it just because they're shopping. SHOPPING. Now that's low.

75. Blaineley (TD G1.5)


Blaineley has no point to be a contestant in Total Drama World Tour. She's gossipy, manipulative, sassy, and is a huge glutton. Before she was an actual contestant she was... meh, but during the Total Drama Aftermath she was a huge jerk to Geoff and the rest of the original cast. Plus, she was eliminated after two episodes and had a horrible music number. Mildred, you're not Blainerific.

74. Dave (TD G3)


At first, Dave was a cool character. He was a team player, a germaphobe in a funny way, and was normal compared to the rest of the Gen 3 cast. Where did he go so wrong? Soon, he becomes incredibly obsessed with Sky and can't tell right from wrong. He suddenly becomes a total jerk and too much of a flirt. Then when he learns that Sky has a boyfriend, he ATTEMPTS TO KILL HER. Dave is one out of the few contestants that actually attempted to kill someone. He's just one totally messed up character, and I doubt he can be fixed.


73. Sadie (TD G1)

Sadie is so bland, that staring at a glass of milk is more entertaining than her. All she does is talk about boys and squeal with Katie. After Katie was eliminated she did next to nothing, and that was a shame.

72. Katie (TD G1)


The reason Katie's above Sadie is because she was at least slightly interesting before her early elimination, but she's just as bad as Sadie either way. She's annoying, talks too much about boys, squeals too much, bla bla bla I said this already.

71. Justin (TD G1)


Unless you count Mike's personality Mal, Justin is the absolute worst villain in Total Drama history. His appearance in Total Drama Island was very lackluster because he barely talked and had an early elimination. Then when he was in Total Drama Action he tried to be villainous but couldn't woo the girls to do his bidding. He was even eliminated at 7th place, and that's the lowest for any Total Drama villain.

70. Courtney (TD G1)

180x180 profile tdwt courtney 01

At first she seemed... OK. Not too good, but not that bad either. Then as the series progressed she became more bossy, bratty, and incredibly annoying. She gets too much screen time, treats Gwen like trash, and has too many crappy story arcs. At least her relationship with Scott was kind of memorable.

69. Devin (RR G1)


No. Just no. Devin is a complete mess. At the start I knew he was going to be a bad character, and even though I expected nothing, I was still disappointed. He undergoes through three stages of terribleness. The first is the overall boring guy who's just so happy and bright that I want to rip my ribcage out. He's unaware that Carrie's in love with him and constantly reminds her that he misses his girlfriend Shelly. After Shelly breaks up with him he goes through his second stage: the seven stages of heartbreak. He goes through constant mood swings that start to get very annoying. The only good parts of that phase were his interactions with Ennui, which were very entertaining. Finally after he overcomes his breakup he realizes that he's in love with Carrie. Then he constantly tries to tell her his true feelings but always ends up messing up his words, hurting Carrie, or be denied due to the competition. It tried to make us viewers feel sorry for him, but it really didn't work on me. At least he got to tell Carrie that he loves her.

68. Zoey (TD G2)


The sweethearts in Total Drama are usually very lackluster, and Zoey's no exception. She's described as the "indie chick" when nothing seems indie about her. It would've been better for her to have been a hipster, but at least Crimson already filled that place. Zoey didn't have that much going for her, she just seemed so boring! Her relationship with Mike was very mediocre. since it focused more so on Mike. Plus, her character development into a lone wolf was too sudden to actually be memorable in the right way.

67. Kitty (RR G1)


Time for an opinion that nobody will agree with! I Kitty is incredibly overrated. I can see why people like her, since she's relateable, kind, and bubbly. The thing is, all those reasons are why I don't like her. She's too much like a stereotypical teenage girl, filled with gender roles. She has an unhealthy desire for romance (even though she paired her sister up pretty well) and only joined Emma so she can travel and meet hot guys. Not to mention, her selfie gimmick is quite possibly my least favorite run-on joke in Total Drama, WORSE THAN OWEN'S FARTS. Maybe it's because I'm morally against social media, but that's a rant for another time. I also don't really like her design, it looks too much like an anime school girl, and I don't like anime/manga. In short, while she is a popular character, I just don't like her.

66. Sierra (TD G1.5)

Sierra Glare

My goodness not her! If anything, Sierra has always been the worse stalker than Dave, but unlike him she had some funny moments in World Tour. However, that doesn't mean that's she's good. She's obsessively in love with Cody, who already has a crush on Gwen. Sierra, if you're the biggest fan of Total Drama, then WHY ARE YOU CRUSHING ON A PERSON YOU KNOW ALREADY HAS A CRUSH?! Then her appearance in All-Stars was flat out terrible. She starts to go crazy and thinks Cameron is Cody, which ends up becoming a Cameron torture porn. Please, just take her to the asylum!

65. Ezekiel (TD G1)



Before his horrible transformation in World Tour, Ezekiel was a mediocre character. During the little screen time he had he was a gross nose-picker and a sexist pig. Skip two seasons later he evolves into a dehumanized character Chris now thinks of as an animal. His skin is green, he's balding, and he even gains radioactive abilities in All-Stars. Forget everything I said about Sierra loving Cameron, THIS is the worst torture porn in Total Drama. Even his appearance in the kids show Skatoony was terrible. Despite this homeschooled lard getting in third place, his punishment was being thrown into a tar pit. That's just horrible! At least he has a cool design...

64. Anne Maria (TD G2)

Anne Maria Countdown

Even though I've never seen the Jersey Shore, I can tell that Anne Maria was inspired by the show. She is only driven by greed and hairspray, and whoever triggers her becomes mince meat. She has an obnoxious Jersey accent and a loathsome design. Also, was it worth it to make a cameo of her in the Ridonculous Race? Nope. So much nope.

63. Stephanie (RR G1)


Stephanie is the worst girlfriend anyone could have. She's incredibly competitive, treats her boyfriend like garbage, and has some serious anger issues. Even after Ryan broke up with her she still tried to make it the worst experience for him. From nagging here and there to BOOMERANGING RYAN and brining their team to last place, she's just too rude! Even though she learned her lesson it doesn't make up for the sheer abusiveness she brought to the show.


62. Sky (TD G3)


I never really saw why people compare Sky to Zoey. Despite both of them being boring I don't see any other similarities. In fact, Sky's only trait is blandness! All she wants is to win. No friendships or relationships, just keep her eye on the prize. That's all. Even though she did have some cool acrobatic moments she just didn't appeal to me.

61. Dwayne (RR G1)


He's the overprotective father. He's the clumsy father. He's the dumb father. He's the father who wants to spend time with his son because he works too much. He's the slightly sexist father. He's just a bunch of overused tropes put into one! The only good thing about him is his voice, but he's just a bad character either way.

60. Lightning (TD G2)

Lightning TDRI Rank

Lightning is dumb, competitive, annoying, and INCREDIBLY arrogant. He constantly intimidates Cameron during the last half of Revenge of the Island in such a cruel way. His rivalry with Jo is mundane seeing as how he's TOO DUMB TO KNOW JO'S A GIRL! Also, why did he win in the American version? HE'S LAME! He would've been lower if it weren't for his spicy and entertaining humor, but he's just another hit or miss character.

59. Tammy (RR G1)


Tammy didn't do that much during the little screen time she had. She only replied to Leonard's comments and had a cute ocarina gimmick. Her design is pretty lame, she looks like a stereotypical opera singer but doesn't have the right voice. If I saw more of her I would've liked her better

58. Spud (RR G1)


Spud is all around useless. He refuses to help Rock, he's very gluttonous, and he's incredibly dumb. Dumber than Lightning, but not as dumb as Lindsay. He has a hideous design, lame jokes (WHY DID HE REFERENCE CAT MEMES?! THOSE ARE DEAD JOKES!), and an unappealing voice - despite being voiced by THE SAME GUY WHO VOICES NOAH AND ENNUI. Thankfully he develops later on and changes a lot as a competitor, but that doesn't excuse his cringe-worthy personality.

57. Samey Sammy (TD G3)

Bigez Samey Rankings

I know a lot of people like Sammy, but I don't really see why. To me she's pretty one dimensional and not that interesting. Plus we don't get to know her that well because she faked her elimination in an ABSOLUTELY SATISFYING MOMENT. Other than that one moment she's not that interesting, I definitely would've wanted to see her more fleshed out.


56. Eva (TD G1)


On one hand we have a character who doesn't get too much screen time and has little character development. On the other hand she's very funny and has pretty awesome moments. I'm pretty uncertain on how I feel about Eva, because I don't like or dislike her. Maybe if she had a little more screen time she would've been higher.

55. Chet (RR G1)


Although Chet did make a few poop jokes and has an annoying voice, he's actually a pretty funny character. He's dorky in the right way and is pretty strong. If only his developed character received more screen time.

54. Lorenzo (RR G1)


Despite bickering too often and had a cringe-worthy moment when he mistook a kangaroo for an albino rabbit, he's actually very funny. Much like Chet, he had good jokes, only they were better. For instance, one time he mentioned that his father's a motivational speaker. The next scene shows Lorenzo telling Chet to "do it." Shia LaBeouf anyone?

53. Carrie (RR G1)


I can't believe I'm saying this. Despite being not at all interesting and had mundane interactions, I think Carrie is the most realistic character in Total Drama. Unlike Dave or Shawn she didn't try to be so direct when flirting with Devin. Her emotions were well rounded and didn't loose her temper that often (even when Devin kept talking about Shelly). Also, her character development wasn't as out of the blue as Zoey's or crazy like Scarlett, it was just a spark of courageousness and self awareness. In the end, Carrie is flawed, and I mean REALLY FLAWED. However, she's still a very realistic character in a good way.

52. Mary (RR G1)


Hands down the worst design out of any Total Drama character. She looks so... weird. Despite that, she was a pretty snarky and funny character. She definitely would've been higher if she got more screen time, but I guess future will tell.


51. Crimson (RR G1)


Finally, a contestant I fully like! To me, Crimson seemed more like a hipster than a goth. She hates everything trendy, yet she likes the fact the goths are becoming mainstream. Personality-wise she's level headed and smart. Usually Ennui has to keep her in check from gaining color in her face since she's the one who becomes happy often. Then after her ungothing phase she becomes awkward and kind of cute. Her appearence is beautiful, her gothic-lolita dress accompanied with her makeup is gorgeous to the eye.

50. Ellody (RR G1)


I agree, Ellody's design and voice are similar to Courtney's. However, that doesn't mean she's not a good character. Ellody is totally adorkable! Her actions and wide vocabulary all said in a high voice made her seem pretty cute. Her moments were pretty memorable, especially her flip out, her snort, and her joke after her elimination. If we got to see more of her she and Mary definitely would've been higher.

49. Dakota (TD G2)

Dakota Audition

After 6 Ridonculous Race characters we finally get to another Total Drama contestant! At first Dakota was a total brat. She didn't want to get dirty and she was an attention hog. However, after she came back after her elimination she started to care for her peers, especially Sam. Slowly but steadily she develops into a caring and loving person. Then it all goes downhill when Chris turns her into a mutant mess. Dakota would be higher if it WASN'T for that moment. Next time she's on screen, turn her back! MAN I HATE CHRIS!

48. Topher (TD G3)


Before you lift your torches and pitchforks, let me explain why I put Topher this high. I think Topher is clever, funny, and a fanboy done right. It's pretty hilarious that he pretends to worship Chris, the biggest sadist in all of ever. Then it's revealed that he wants to take Chris's place, and the events leading up to it were pretty cool. Either way he'd definitely be a better host than Chris, but not Don. Definitely not Don. Aside from being "Chris's biggest fan," he's full of himself and snarky, but he's actually scripted the right way.

47. Miles (RR G1)


Wow, a friendly character that isn't boring!  Miles has a great design, good motives, and a great big heart for the people around her. She has many funny jokes and is a contributive team player. I'm glad she got the right amount of screen time she deserved, but it was sad to see this hippie eat meat.

46. Brody (RR G1)


It's strange that Brody and Lightning have a couple similarities. They're both sporty and dumb, but unlike Lightning Brody's a humble and caring dude. He's a very entertaining and cool guy who seems to enjoy the company of everyone. Especially with Geoff and MacArthur. He's just a fun guy overall and I hope to see more of him in the future.

45. Kelly (RR G1)


What happens when you give Sammy a personality? Kelly happens. Kelly's the unlucky mother of Taylor and has to deal with her bratty and snobby attitude. Kelly tries to be cool and crack jokes, but her daughter just wants her to shut up and get with the times. Every time Taylor demands her to do the dirty work in the challenges it just pains me to see her suffer. Then one of the most epic moments in Total Drama history occurs when Kelly burns her daughter so bad! Oh so satisfying...

44. Scott (TD G2)

TDAS Scott 12

At first, I really hated Scott. In Revenge of the Island, he took down characters that had lots of potential, cheated in many challenges, and decieved lots of his teammates. Then when All-Stars arrived he actually became one of my favorites. He was awkward and strangely cute. His relationship with Courtney was swell and we got to see him really develop. From one of the worst to one of the close-to-best, Scott takes the 44th spot.

43. Alejandro (TD 1.5)

TDAS Alejandro

Now the only good character out of the World Tour debut cast: Alejandro! Despite being a womanizer and a deceiver, he's actually a very likable character. He's cunning, clever, and intelligent. He used to have a good voice actor (who could sing very well), until he was replaced with a worse voice actor. Either way, he's a memorable villain and I hope to see more of him.

42. Sugar (TD G3)


Wow, another over hated character! Sugar is a country girl who has a passion for pageants. Even though she may not be the sharpest pencil in the box, she's very clever and funny. She's all gross-out humor and they're funny for the most part (except for the obvious fart jokes). She's over the top when it comes to stereotypes, even though they aren't executed that well. Aside from her little flaws, no one else is winning this pageant!

41. Max (TD G3)


Despite being the most pathetic villain, he will always be the funniest. He tries so hard to be a super villain that he utterly fails in hilarious proportions. He acts so over the top like some sort of comic book character. Despite being a mastermind of creations, he's actually pretty dumb when it comes to planning, which leads his "sidekick" Scarlett to turn on him later on. That's all I have to say about him - except for EVIL! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

40. Junior (RR G1)


Despite being the youngest contestant to date, Junior is definitely one of the most mature. Even though he's babied by his old man Dwayne, he's actulally very independant and intellegent. At first he didn't want to compete, but soon he became more open to the Race and in fact, enjoyed it. Even though his design is pretty lame (it looks like pre-lesbian haircut Bieber), he's still a mighty fine boy!

39. Laurie (RR G1)


Laurie's a very calm and collected vegan. She has lots of memorable moments and hilarious jokes. From the bird seeds to karma, she's a very entertaining character. She reminds me a lot of Dawn, except she's not as spiritually connected to nature. I actually expected her to have a Jamaican accent judging from her hat, but all I heard was a meh voice.

38. Ella (TD G3)

Bigez Ella Rankings

At first I couldn't stand this girl, she just wouldn't stop singing. As the season progressed, I started to really warm up to her. I thought she was funny, cute, and lovable. Everything about her is mocking Disney. From her appearence, to her heart of gold, to her beautiful voice, she's got everything. Not to mention that she had the best elimination ever! She's a pretty great character, but I hope to see more of her.

37. Jay (RR G1)


The Adversity Twins definitely have their differences. While I think Mickey's the adorable and hilarious one, I think Jay's just funny. Jay's many fears cause him to really embarrass himself on international TV. Even though I feel like I should be crying, I just can't stop laughing! Despite being misfortunate, the crazy things that happen to him are very funny. He's like a punching bag character done right! Okay, I sound like a monster, I regret everything I just said.

36. Bridgette (TD G1)

Bridgette TDI Rank

Yes, an original cast member! Bridgette is a very calm and courageous character. She's nice to her peers, has sweet surfing skills, and is pretty funny. Even though she was a mundane character in Action and received an early boot in World Tour, I still think she's a well rounded character.

35. Rodney (TD G3)

Bigez Rodney Rankings

Rodney has one of the funniest gags in Total Drama: constantly falling in love. Even though he's poetic in the confession cabins, he's basically not understandable when talking to a girl he likes - and they don't even know he likes them! He's a very funny character who definitely got enough screen time.

34. Beth (TD G1)


You thought Ellody was adorkable? Well think again! Beth is a very nice and intelligent character. She's always wanting to make new friends and try new things. Her jokes are mostly hits and her interactions are mostly well made. She's also courageous, seeing as how she turned on Heather when she realized that she was a bad person. Beth is just a great character and I'm glad she won in Total Drama Action... IN AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, AND ITALY. Man, America sucks!


33. Sanders (RR G1)


Even though Sanders is by the books, she's definitely no goodie-goodie. She's a polite powerhouse with the will of a warrior. She's a strong leader and a nice person. Even after breaking her arm she continued to compete until the very end. Now that's effort!

32. Owen (TD G1)


Love him or not, you can't deny that Owen is one of the most well known Total Drama characters. Sure, he is a screen hog and a gluttonous fart monster, but what's memorable is his overwhelming positivity. He's a fun guy who loves everyone and wants to help them whenever he can. He's good with advice and even helped his buddy Noah hook up with Emma. I also like his design but I'm not sure why, maybe it's the hair or the shirt. Either way Owen is memorable for all the right reasons... even though Gwen should've won Total Drama Island.

31. Cody (TD G1)


Cody's just all around cool. He's a flirty techie who suffers from Sierra's stalkings. Even though he doesn't want to be around her, he knows that he doesn't want to hurt her, just keep distance. He's a very smart underdog who knows his way around the competition.

30. Tyler (TD G1)

Tyler the Gummy Man

Despite failing at sports, Tyler is a very funny guy. It's not like where the Adversity Twin flops were supposed to make us sad, Tyler's flunks are supposed to make us laugh. Oh boy he made us laugh! He also has an appealing design, because of the suit and the headband. Even though he always makes a fool out of himself, he never gives up and has a positive attitude. Now that I truly respect!

29. Ryan (RR G1)


Ryan at first was a punching bag for Stephanie. She would always yell at him to do better despite being totally ripped. When Ryan finally had enough he decided to break up with her. Since they were still in the competition, Ryan decided to make Stephanie's life a total wreck, and this is where he truly shines. After all the hate boiled up inside him, he commits pretty hilarious acts and cracks lots of hilarious jokes. Soon he starts to regain his power and even impressed Stephanie. He's funny, powerful, and loving. Cheers, pal!

28. Pete (RR G1)


Despite being one of the oldest contenders, he's absolutely hilarious. Every joke he makes is incredibly funny, especially when he argues with his friendly rival Gerry. His jokes usually mock the 21st century and present day teens. He's a very ambitious and cool competitor and I hope he finds new sponsorship!

27. Gerry (RR G1)


Much like Pete, Gerry is a great character, but the jokes and lines are revved up to the max! Gerry's like the grandfather I never had, he always has a sweet smile on his face and will stop at nothing to get you laughing out loud. I also really like his design, he looks like he would make a great teacher/grandparent! Even though he has insulted the other contestants, he did it in a sort of joking way. He really reminds me of the grandfather from Keeping Up with the Steins, but a much better version of him. Even though he got an early boot, I'll still remember him to be very funny.

26. Beardo (TD G3)

Bigez Beardo Rankings

Despite being a very short lived character, he has one of the best running jokes. I'm a fan of Reggie Watt's work, and I can definitely tell that Beardo's inspired by him. Beardo's very shy, so he usually makes sound effects and acts obnoxious. However, if they see past his noises they realize how cool of a guy he is. Unfortunately nobody could see past his sounds, but that doesn't mean he wasn't memorable. Each of his beatbox noises were very funny and all occurred at the right moments. My favorite one is the Pac-Man death noise he made when he was eliminated. Overall, he's a very funny character but we NEED MORE OF HIM!

25. MacArthur (RR G1)


MacArthur is flat out awesome all around. From her amazing strength, to her hilarious jokes, to a surprisingly deep character development, she's got everything. At first she was full of herself and subtly insulted her partner. She was reckless, powerful, and slightly dumb. Despite that she wasn't bad since she was very funny, especially when she said that her glutes (butt muscles) took over the rest of her body. Then after Sanders breaks her arm, she realizes that she's too brash and not careful enough. She goes into an emotional state and decides to let Sanders lead the way to victory (even though they got second). Even though she's a great character, she's only at 26.

24. Mickey (RR G1)


This kid is just too cute! From his protective helmet to his voice he's just so adorable! Despite going through hardships with his twin brother, they overcome adversity and fight on! Mickey especially had some funny, touching, and depressing moments. He's really got it going for him!

23. Emma (RR G1)


Emma is a very mature character I just adore. First off, I really like her design; she looks professional and ready to compete. This law student is determined to win. No alliances, no boys, no nothing. That's the same mentality Sky had, but in this case, Emma has a better personality and development. She cares for her sister a lot, despite being rude to her at first. However, she starts to inch out of her comfort zone when she meets Noah. After a short lived obsession she gets her head back into the game and tells Noah they'll start dating after she and Kitty win the race. Even after his and Owen's elimination she starts to care for Kitty even more and even make a short lived alliance. When they were finally eliminated, she truly developed into a lovable young woman.

22. Lindsay (TD G1)


What would this list be without Lindsay? She's the token dumb blonde character who always gets into mishaps and mischief! She's very entertaining, has lots of memorable lines (especially the censor moment), and great bonds. That's all.


21. B (TD G2)

I'm beverly

Despite never actually talking, B is one of the most intelligent contestants on the show. He's a creative engineer, a genius if you will. He becomes popular in his team before Scott frames him. He's inventive, powerful, and overall radical.

20. Harold (TD G1)


Oh Harold, how awesome you are... He may be nerdy, but he's funny, quirky, and hilarious. At first he wasn't accepted into his team by Duncan and the gang, but he soon proved himself to be an underdog. He won the Dodegball Game, he won the Talent Show, and many more! This guy is just so awesome! Plus, he has lots of memorable and funny moments such as his elimination and his a capella solo. I hope we get to see him next season!

19. Heather (TD G1)


Heather is quite possibly the most powerful contestant in Total Drama history. She's athletic, manipulative, and flirty. She can influence her teammates to vote someone off, or manipulate other people to do her bidding. She's a very awesome character and I'm glad she won World Tour in America!

18. Jacques (RR G1)

Who knew Total Drama villains could be so flamboyant and entertaining! Jacques is a very strange villain. Even though he's competitive he has his limits and gets hurt very easily. His partner Josee treats him like trash at first, but he starts to reason with her and try and influence her to stop cheating. However, she doesn't stop so he does what any normal person would do. Tell her that he won't perform with her anymore once they get back home. Now that's very brave of him!

17. Noah (TD G1)

Noah (Global Drama)

Personally, I think Noah is overrated. I don't think he's one of the best, but he's one of the greatest. Noah is a witty and sarcastic straight-man who always seems to crack us up. I also really like his design, it reminds me of myself! Even though he was voted off early, he appeared again in World Tour as a friendlier but still pessimistic person. Plus, his friendship with Owen is comedy gold, definitely his best season yet. However, he recieved TONS of backlash in his appearence in the Ridonculous Race. Fans said that his sarcastic edge was replaced with a bubbly and weird lover, and they didn't like the change. However, the way I see it is that Noah was made more... human. Instead of having just one personality trait, he started to care for people other than himself and I'm glad he changed for the better. Either way he was still sarcastic during the entirety of the season, so he didn't change too much. All his jokes were great as well as his relationship with Emma. I'm glad we got to see him more and I'm excited to see him in the next season of Total Drama!

16. Brick (TD G2)


Man, Brick has everything I want in a character! He's intelligent, strong willed, powerful, and somewhat of a wuss. He always wants to help his teammates whenever he can even when he sometimes fails. I really like his rivalry between him and Jo, it's just so funny! Brick has a huge heart and a solid steel brain, and that's why he's so awesome.

15. Leshawna (TD G1)

Leshawna TDI Rank

Time for the lovable diva herself, Leshawna! She has a short temper and a big heart, and she's just incredibly funny. She has lots of hilarious lines and funny moments, even though one was kind of cruel. She has lots of friends, but also many foes, so it's interesting when she interacts with many different characters. Some of my favorites are her rivalry with Heather, and her romance with Harold. She's a really spunky character and I'd love to see her more.

14. DJ (TD G1)


I have to be honest, I really love DJ. Even though he has a strong exterior, he's a cowardly mama's boy who loves nature. He seems like a great person to be around if he was real. He's funny, cute, and friendly. He has good motives and good morals. He even has an entertaining mother! He has lots of hilarious freakout moments, especially the one when he saw Heather shaving her legs! DJ's just an overall great character, but I think he's gotten enough screen time after his lame misfortune arc.

13. Rock (RR G1)


Rock 'n roll is my favorite music genre, and Rock is one of my all-time favorite rockers. Even though he may not be that funny or strong, he has the strongest will out of any contestant. He has to sit through Spud's uselessness and try to get him to actually help him. He always comes up with new strategies to try and win, and they usually work for the most part. His style of comedy is... alright I guess. Even though I like his air guitar riffs, I'm not too fond of his sound effects. I also really like his design, he reminds me of Tommy Portimo of the band Sonata Arctica - except 10x cooler. I also really like his voice actor, it totally suits him well.

12. Izzy (TD G1)


Of course! Why wouldn't Izzy be this high? Strangely enough, she's one of the only mentally insane characters from Total Drama I actually like! Sierra? Go home! Dave? Suck a lemon! Sha- wait, is he even crazy? Maybe just misguided. I digress, Izzy is just too funny. Her made up stories, her actions, her bonds with Noah and Eva, she's just kooky all around! Her best appearence by far was her debut in Total Drama Island. Every single interaction she's made during that season was incredibly entertaining. From Owen to Leshawna, she was just so funny, I'm just glad she was brought back twice.

11. Josee (RR G1)


JOSEE IS HILARIOUS! NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Despite wearing such bright clothes and a plastered smile, she's one of the most devious characters in the series. When she doesn't get first place, her temper tantrums she throws are just comedy gold. Her bond with Jacques is also entertaining, seeing as how she at first insults him many times, but later calls him a hero. Her claustrophobia moments are also pretty funny too. However, what really gets her high is her actions after the Ice Dancers' non elimination round. Josee starts to cheat... a lot. She tries to turn teammates on each other, sabotage challenges, and make sure no one else wins the million. Desite her cruel actions, I just can't help but love her because she's still just so darn funny! At least she learned her lesson at the end, so that's pretty swell.


10. Shawn (TD G3)

Bigez Shawn Rankings

Even though I'm not a big fan of zombies, I will always be a huge fan of Shawn. First off, his design. He reminds me a bit of Ezekiel, but cooler and more creative. Now, his personality is very entertaining. His stereotype is very unique, and this leads to my favorite Total Drama gag: Shawn preparing for a zombie apocalypse. His actions are anything but boring, he's smart when it comes to wildlife and is an athletic strategist. However, what gets him this high is his relationship with Jasmine. At first, he liked her but didn't want to date her because of how he predicts that she will become a zombie and it would pain him to kill her. This eventually leads him to make a tremendous flop and really anger the Aussie. So he constantly tries to win her over again in such a touching and caring way. Soon he ends up getting her to love him again, and the moment that happens is just perfect. You totally deserved the million Shawn!

9. Geoff (TD G1)

Geoff TDI Rank

Geoff has been and will always be the biggest dude in Total Drama. I love his chill surfer nature and epic accent. He admits to not being that smart, but he's actually very intelligent. Despite being the party lover, he's actually very responsible and cares for the people around him. I admire his sense in justice and love all of his interactions. He may have not deserved the victory in Ridonculous Race, but he's a fantastic boyfriend to Bridgette, a great friend to Brody, and a bro to all. Party on!

8. Gwen (TD G1)

Gwen TDA Rank

Unlike Crimson or Ennui, Gwen is more cheerful and snarky. She can also be pessimistic, sorrowful, and even happy. In fact, I see her more as a scene girl than a goth. Her bonds with Leshawna, Trent, and Cameron were all very memorable. She has lots of touching and courageous moments, and she seems to be a staple Total Drama character. I felt sorry for her when Courtney bullied her after she kissed Duncan, but it felt so satisfying when she got her revenge. All of her appearences were great, even in All-Stars, and she's one of the only characters that gets so much screen time that she still needs more of it.

7. Jo (TD G2)

Jo TDRI Rank

Most of you are going to disagree with the following statement, but I don't care. I think that Jo is the funniest Total Drama character. Think of Eva, except 100x better. This arrogant tomboy has a great design, a great voice, and amazing jokes! She's just puns galore when it comes to mocking the other contestants, such as her G.I. Joke joke. Her insults aren't necessary groan worthy, but moreso laugh worthy. She's also a great contestant, since she won't let anyone get in her way and use her intelligence and strength get her through. Even her appearence in All-Stars was great, because we got to see her interact and develop more (even though she didn't get enough screen time). Even though she's mostly hated, I just can't stop loving this masculine jockette.

6. Scarlett (TD G3)


BEST. CHARACTER. DEVELOPMENT. EVER. At first, Scarlett wasn't that interesting of a character. She was a logical brainiac, but she wasn't that interesting. Heck, I could've said that Ellody was a better character than her. Oh boy we were all wrong. Through her interactions with Max, she hinted us with a sinister nature. Slowly but steadily she started to be fed up with Max's stupidity. She realized that the island was actually mechanical and wanted to know more about it. When she finally got her grubby little hands onto the controls, she revealed her true self: a psychopathic supervillain. She tells Chris that she'll blow up the island if he doesn't hand her the million dollars. Eventually Chris tells everyone to stop Scarlett, and they succeed. NONE OF US WERE EXPECTING THAT. It's not like Zoey's transformation that was too sudden, we just weren't expecting Scarlett to go THAT far, and that's why she's loved so much.

5. Cameron (TD G2)

Cameron TDAS Rank

Oh Cameron, how awesome you are. Quite possibly the best underdog in the show, so much so that he puts the Adversity Twins to shame. As an adorkable bubble boy, he wasn't able to go outside that much. When he finally gets out to see the world, the world pulveruzes him. Even though he's smart, he's very weak and picked on. Soon he starts to mature into a great leader and a powerful contestant... and won Revenge of the Island in Canada. Even though his appearence in All-Stars was pretty lackluster, I really liked his bond with Gwen and I hope to see them together more often. All in all, Cammy's a great and well developed underdog.

4. Dawn (TD G2)


Now for my favorite out of the Gen 2 cast: Dawn! Despite appearing in five episodes, Dawn is such a brilliant character. As a nature entheusiast myself, I could relate to Dawn. Her aura connections and animal speakings are just so adorable and mysterious. She's also great when it comes to advice and is a helpful person. She's selfless and has a great goal (despite it being used again withe the Vegans). I also really like her design and voice, it's pretty cute. I just want to see her in future seasons, even if she appeared on Skatoony.

3. Ennui (RR G1)


Yes, I think Ennui is the best character from Ridonculous Race - and the best goth. Let me explain why. First, his design, it's my favorite out of every character. He's just bursting with detail and creativity. I dare you to count how many circles are on him. Aside from his design, Ennui is just too guts-bustingly hilarious. Even though he speaks in a monotone voice and barely shows any facial expressions, that just adds to the hilarity and awesomness Ennui has to offer. From his camp for kids line, to his similarities to a portrait, to his pet cat named Toxic Mold, he's just so funny! He always tries to find a different outcome for each challenge. Your makeup and wig were lost? DRESS UP LIKE A TOTAL BAD*** AND STEAL THE SHOW. You win the challenge early and spot a black rabbit? GOTHIFY IT AND NAME IT AFTER A NORSE GOD. GOTHIFY EVERYTHING. The Ice Dancers are trying to make you lose? LINK WITH LOKI AND DOMINATE THE CHALLENGE. Ennui is just an awesome and comedic character and I totally want to see more of him in the future.

2. Jasmine (TD G3)


Jasmine isn't just my favorite Gen 3 character, but also my favorite female contestant. Even though she's intimidating in height and strength, she's actually a very humble and nice Aussie. She's very friendly and will help anyone in need. She's very laidback and is also a nature entheusiast. She's also very funny because of her stereotypical Australian background. However, what makes her my second favorite is her relationship with Shawn. She looks past his obsession with zombies and sees a funny and smart young man. Then when he mistook her for a zombie and really hurt her when she was going easy on him, she knew it was time for her to let him go. She became stubborn for a while until she finally accepted Shawn again and really cared for him. From her personality, to her jokes, to her character development, she's my favorite female in the show.


1. Trent (TD G1)


Through the process of elimination, you probably guessed who my favorite character is. Now you're probably guessing why I put Trent at the highest spot. Let me explain: Trent is basically a combination of who I am right now, and who I also want to be. He's laidback, friendly, loyal, and a great person to be around. Even though he is going a little crazy, he still maintains his chillness and puts others before him. I admire his musical talent and how he handles Gwen after their breakup. Even though he should be jealous of how she's dating Duncan, he's still friendly towards her, and she accepts him. He does everything he can to help his team and close friends, and truly has some great and memorable bonds. He can be funny and cool, but also emotional and zany. I guess you could say that he was degraded in Action, but I think it adds another layer to his already interesting character. I even thought his obsession with the number 9 was pretty sad when we learned why he loves it so much. This is why Trent's my favorite. He's smart, cool, friendly, accepting, funny, musical, and a great person.

Thanks for reading this extra long countdown guys! Please tell me what are your favorites and your least favorites. Got any constructive criticism for me? Leave that in the comments as well. Anyways, catch y'all on the flip side!

ADMIN NOTE: Hijacking this post just to say this. There's constructive criticism, then there's being a d**k. Don't be a d**k. If you disagree that's fine, but leave insults out of it. Thanks.