Are you still here? Okay then, because this is going to get pretty ugly.

From my experience on this wiki, I can tell that people love Kitty. I can see why. She's bubbly, helpful, hyper, and relateable, and people seem to really like those qualities. In fact, most people I've seen think of her as one of the BEST Total Drama characters. However, I'd like to talk about my point of view when reacting to Kitty.

When Fresh TV released the teaser for the Sisters on their website, I thought they were going to be an alright team. Emma I thought would be great, but what inhibited me from loving them was Kitty's bio. She seemed like she would be a reckless troublemaker who would get in her sister's way. When RR came out, I didn't get what I expected. Instead, I got something MUCH worse.

Kitty was a living breathing female gender role. You know that kind. A girl who has a knack for romance, wants to explore world and make tons of friends. Yeah, that stereotype that has been done to death. To make matters worse, she happened to spawn my least favorite character gimmick: selfies. Taking a picture of yourself was A-OK, until selfies were advertised EVERYWHERE. Physical products, TV shows, songs, video games, ETC. (the horse has been beaten to death now) Now I can't think of it positively ever again without having that HORRIBLE SONG PLAYING IN MY HEAD. Now, Kitty's just taking selfies of herself all the time and it sickens me to my stomache. Also, no. This is NOT the main reason why I hate Kitty.

As the show progressed, Kitty started to get on my nerves even more. To put it this way, I found her to be very annoying. Her voice bugged me, her interactions irked me, and what she did to that poor emu was just CRUEL (even if it wasn't on purpose)! At least she starts to develop towards the end of the season, focusing moreso on winning rather than having fun. The problem with this is that there's no buildup to it, no reason for it, NOTHING. She just has a sudden change of heart and tries to get Emma to focus on the game.

I'm sorry, the only other positive thing I can think of Kitty is that she help Noah and Emma hook up. Then again, not many people like that relationship, so… yeah. I can't think of any redeeming qualities of Kitty.

As said in my Top 84 contestants list, she's ranked 68th.

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