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    I just woke up having this really bizarre idea for a new Total Drama season. So it takes place in the middle of nowhere, but Chris had this huge building made for the contestants. I forget how the season was themed, but I remember that some of the challenges were more mental than physical. I also remember some of the contestants:

    • An african american boy with a pupiless eye who freaked out the others
    • A character that looked sort of like Noah, but had lighter skin and different clothes
    • A boy with an orange bowlcut and freckles
    • A tomboyish girl with pink hair and really weird proportions. Kind of like this.
    • An angsty emo kid
    • A teenybopper lover-girl

    I recall there being other contestants, but I can't remember.

    That's all I remember. Tell me what you …

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  • Forest Bug

    In my eyes, I see Bev as a very creative character. He's a silent genius, a loyal teammate, and a creative person. However, I notice that B gets a lot of flack on the wiki, and I don't know why. I think it's just because he's mute, but why exactly do people dislike him? I think he was born mute, then again, he did scream when he was eliminated…

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    Just because everyone else is doing them.

    Timmy and Barry - Youngsters

    Timmy and Barry are just a couple of young lads who do everything together. They’re ambitious, hyper, and always happy and peppy. They want to spend the money on materials to make a giant treehouse. 

    Ed and Al - Redeemed Criminals

    Ed and Al were in jail for quite a while, but have been released. Since then, they have realized that they were bad people back then, especially to their families. They want to make it up to them by competing in the Ridonculous Race. 

    Mark and Jake - Gamers

    Mark and Jake are popular gamers on the internet, and usually collaborate together. Mark is timid and shy, whereas Jake is in-your-face and hyper.

    Lisa and Andrew - Husband and Wife

    Lisa and Andrew…

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    Character Rant: Kitty

    December 25, 2015 by Forest Bug


    Are you still here? Okay then, because this is going to get pretty ugly.

    From my experience on this wiki, I can tell that people love Kitty. I can see why. She's bubbly, helpful, hyper, and relateable, and people seem to really like those qualities. In fact, most people I've seen think of her as one of the BEST Total Drama characters. However, I'd like to talk about my point of view when reacting to Kitty.

    When Fresh TV released the teaser for the Sisters on their website, I thought they were going to be an alright team. Emma I thought would be great, but what inhibited me from loving them was Kitty's bio. She seemed like she would be a reckless troublemaker wh…

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  • Forest Bug

    Since another season of TD was confirmed in Noah & Owen's elimination in RR, I wondered who else would appear again. Who would you want to return in the next season? I'm allowing characters from RR to be in your picks, but they must be in the age range. Also, you can explain why you want to see them again, but you don't have to. Here's who I'd like to see:

    Trent (favorite character who needs to appear more)

    Noah (confirmed)

    Owen (confirmed)

    Gwen (so she could hang out with Trent and end rivalries)

    Heather (OF COURSE!)

    Leshawna (didn't get a proper appearence in World Tour)



    Jo (needed a better appearence after All-Stars)

    Brick (he'd be hilarious and courageous)

    Scott (why not)

    Anne Maria (I could…

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