• Foreseer44

    Yes, everyone! Just TWO WEEKS until the premiere on CN USA!

    The season will air every weekday at 5:00 pm ET/PT as some sort of RR-Month, so that's somewhat disappointing. I was really hoping to see a weekly schedule again, but it's great to get it this early and not a few weeks from now.

    In addition, episodes will be up on the CN app the morning before they air, so keep watch for spoilers!

    Here's the official press release:

    "Your Favorite Show is Back with an All-New Host and Cast!

    "Total Drama -The Ridonculous Race" Premieres Monday, September 7 at 5:…

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  • Foreseer44

    I was doing a little surfing online and looked at the upcoming programming for Cartoon Network, and found this...

    According to this page the show is a "buddy comedy" with "18 pairs of contestants." So, 36 players in total. It looks like our guesses were spot on, but if there are only 36 contestants and 95% are new, that leaves only 2 or 3 Total Drama characters, and maybe 4 if we're lucky. 

    With a cast this big, I'm worried about how much fodder we'll get with such limited interactions. Julie said there wouldn't be much time to chat (between teams) during the race, so that's definitely something to think about in terms of character interactions, the element that makes Total Drama so good.

    So, any thoughts?

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