• Fooh

    New here guys

    October 23, 2015 by Fooh

    Hola! My name is fooh, i not sure what it means i made it up. I binged watch most of TD this year. My favvvvvoooooorrrrrrriiiiiitttttteeee season is ALL STARS! It was funny and  Gwen and Courtney were my favorites along with Mary Ellody Anne Maria Beth  Zoey and Sierra. Mike is my most hated contestant hes just blegh! I found the songs in WT annoying so its my least favorite, not hate guys :( ...Anyways Im happy to be here, i  hope to meet other AS fans on here since its not to popular sadly If you like my opinions hit me up I like to chat with new people so ill be waiting lolol See you guys soon 

    Heres some of my fav pics from it

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