I really like blogs that make fun at and point out the writers' bad decisions and (numerous) moments of bad writing. But sometimes they do things in a good way, sometimes they're even brilliant and show us some great good writing, and I think that it's obligatory to also talk about those kind of moments. So today I'm going to talk about what I consider 10 really well-written eliminations from all five and a half seasons. 

10: Beth (Total Drama Island)

Episode: If You Can't Take the Heat... (#10)

Placemente: 16th


Back in Total Drama Island we found a very good team: the Screaming Gophers. They have won most of the challenges up to the point when Beth, the Wannabe, found a Tiki Idol in Boney Island. Given that she didn't heard Chris saying that they shouldn't take anything from Boney Island because she was in the bathroom, Beth took the Tiki Idol and kept it, cursing her team with a streak of challenges where they weren't able to win. This "curse" ended when Chris found out that Beth had taken the Tiki Idol and told her team about the curse, making them decide to eliminate her instead of the much-hated Heather. Why do I consider that this is actually a well-written elimination if it's just another excuse to keep Heather in the game? Well, this elimination was especial because it was the conclusion of a three-episode arc where the Screaming Gophers couldn't be able to win no matter how hard they tried. So when they found out that Beth was the reason behind this losing streak, I think that it was very reasonable of them to eliminate her instead of Heather. It was well written and with a lot of foreshadowing so, great job.  

9: Jo (Total Drama: Revenge of the Island)

Episode: Up, Up and Away In My Pitiful Balloon (#10)

Placement: 5th

Merge Jo

Another tenth episode in this list! Jo's elimination was very interesting, to say the least. Her conflict with Cameron was one of the highlights from the second half of Revenge of the Island. Jo was kind of a bully to poor Cameron, she was trying to compensate her lack of minds taking advantage of poor bubble boy. She had other conflicts, with Lightning and the already eliminated Brick, but for me the one with Cameron was the most interesting. But in Up, Up and Away Jo is sabotaged by Cameron during the challenge in a quite unexpected way, and she loses her possibilities of winning said challenge. And finally, in the Campfire Ceremony, she ends up in the bottom two against her other rival, Lightning. Jo was expecting a close match but, with Cameron's help, she should beat Lighting in votes... but she doesn't, because Cameron voted for her. So Jo ends up eliminated but instead of being mad at Cameron for backstabbing her (with reason) she compliments him for having outplayed her. A very satisfying elimination in a season full of bad written eliminations, so I have to praise them.

8: DJ (Total Drama Action)

Episode: The Sand Witch Project (#9)

Placemente: 11th

DJ standing up Chef
I don't like DJ. I liked him back in the Wawanakwa Island, but after TDA he started to annoy me, so I stopped caring about his duration in the competion. But TDA did do something very interesting with his character, before TDWT completely derailed him in a totally different person. For some reason, DJ accepted an illegal alliance with Chef Hatchet, who started to help him and to tell him how to win the challenges. This is not as serious as it sounds, because DJ didn't take much advantage out of it, but oh well. Thing is, DJ was in an illegal alliance with a member from the staff, something we hadn't seen up until that point (we would see later Blaineley and Topher trying the same thing but in different ways). So, after some challenges DJ started feeling guilty, so guilty that he decided at the end of The Sand Witch Project to quit the competition. It was the first time that we saw someone voluntarily quitting the competition! So DJ added some very dramatic new things to the season: the illegal alliance and a character leaving the competition of his own accord. And what I like the most about it is that it's totally in character for DJ to quit the competition after doing something so wrong. I liked it a lot. World Tour will have time to destroy all of this development for poor DJ, though.

7: Jen and Tom, the Fashion Bloggers (TDP: The Ridonculous Race)

Episode: A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket (#7)

Placement: 14th

Fashion bloggers departure

Fan favorites from the very beginning, Jen and Tom, the Fashion Bloggers, were eliminated in the seventh episode of the competition. Up until that episode, they showed that they had a great friendship and that they understood each other pretty well. But, OH DRAMA! This episode begins with the Fashion Bloggers arguing about which one of them had the idea to star their fashion blog. They spend all episode bickering about who whas the one who created the blog and slowling themselves in the competition in the way. 

But, after Tom gets injured Jen shows legitimate concern about him and so, after an entire episode arguing, they reconcile and fix their friendship... only to get eliminated right after that. So why do I like this elimination and think that this was well-written? Because their conflict was very in character, it made the episode very interesting and it ended in a very good and satisfying way. Of course I would have prefer them to stay over the Daters, but what we got was very satisfying for the two of them. It was not cruel, like the Vegans' elimination, or unnecessarily ironic, like the Geniuses'. They got eliminated because they are humans and humans argue but in the end they got a happy ending of sorts.

6: Ella (Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)

Episode: Mo Monkey Mo Problems (#6)

Placement: 9th

Ella eliminated TDPI

Poor, poor Ella. I really like this gal, she was pretty enjoyable and funny. And her voice, wow. Such an amazing voice... But it was her voice (and her conflict with Sugar) which got her eliminated, after all.

Ella was Pahkitew Island's innocent and "pure" character, like Lindsay in Island and Dawn in RotI. She loved singing so she grasped each opportunity that she had to start singing about some dumb thing. Sugar, her one-sided friend, was fed up with her singing and, when Chris announced that Ella's punishment for singing would be elimination, Sugar took advantage of it.

Ella's elimination was unexpected, because in that episode she helped her team win. But the villain of sorts of this season, Sugar, betrayed her own team and eliminated her enemy (well, her enemy even if said enemy had no idea that she was her enemy). What I liked about this elimination is that it was the result of Sugar and Ella's already well-written conflict, and it was amazingly funny and appropriate to the character, with Ella saying goodbye with a song. Loved it.

5: Crimson and Ennui, the Goths (TDP: The Ridonculous Race)

Episode: El Bunny Supremo (#20)

Placement: 7th

Goths bye
Let's all agree in one thing: the Goths are two of the better characters this franchise has to offer. I was rooting for them since the beginning, although I saw them as filler and expected them to get eliminated quite early in the show. Surprisingly enough, they lasted 20 episodes in which they got some deserved development, accepting each other as they were (even in their non-goth persona!) and even increasing their family with the adoption of little killer bunny Loki (because he's so low key).

In El Bunny Supremo, the Ice Dancers decide to sabotage them as they're some of the strongest players of this season. Jacques gets rid of Loki and this revives some very painful memories for Ennui. Crimson, very being supportive of her boyfriend, decides to stop doing the challenge and help Ennui find Loki. And when they finally do it's too late, and they're eliminated from the competition.

I like this elimination so much because it shows how great the Goths are. They put family over money, for them it was more important to find Loki than to win the competition. If they wanted they could have let Loki go and made the Surfers go home earlier, but they chose their loved pet. And I love them for that. It was a satisfying end for these two.

4: Sugar (Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)

Episode: Pahk'd with Talent (#12)

So long Sugar

Placemente: 3rd

After Amy, Max and Scarlett, we can consider Sugar to be the final antagonist of this season. Well, that is, until the finale, but whatever. 

Sugar is a very interesting character. Loved by some few, hated by the rest, she is a very divisive character but, in the end, we can say that her elimination was very satisfying.

After eliminating Jasmine in a bullshitty way in the previous episode, Sugar gets to confront Shawn and Sky in a field that she's very familiar with: a talent show.

Sky and Shawn's talents are... interesting, to say the least, but they shouldn't have nothing to do against Sugar, the Pageant Queen, a person that should have a lot of talents and who should find herself in her element. But Sugar's talent is, unsurprisingly for the spectator, not a talent at all. Her singing is as annoying as she herself is so Chris doesn't doubt even for a second and gets her eliminated instantly. Watching the Pageant Queen, who believes herself to be a person with a lot of talents, being eliminated because of her talentless-ness... Oh, so appropriate, so satisfying. Buh-bye, Sugar!

3: Brick (Total Drama: Revenge of the Island)

Episode: A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste (#7)

Placement: 9th


Revenge of the Island was a dark, dark season. So it has to be in this season where we found a character getting kicked of after saving the other characters' life. 

Brick gets switched to the Toxic Rats in Backstabbers Ahoy!, where he has to endure Scott's and Lightning's (and later on Jo's) antics. But one thing that we learn about Brick is that he's very loyal to his team. "Never leave a man behind" and all that.

In A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, the seventh episode of this season, Mike, Zoey and Cameron found themselves in a near-to-dead experience when a mutant gopher attacks them when the mine is collapsing. Brick, heroic and loyal to his previous team, saves them costing his team the challenge in the process. So he gets eliminated in the most appropriate way for him: saving other people's lives and, at the same time, opposing Jo's decision to leave them behind. Brick is a great character and, even if I felt sad when he got eliminated, I was satisfied with his elimination. One of the few likeable moments that Mike and Zoey have for me is when they say goodbye to Brick giving him a military salute. Oh, someone must be cutting onions... Snif... 

2: Alejandro (Total Drama: World Tour - Heather's Ending)

Episode: Hawaiian Punch (#26)

Placement: 2nd


Oh, Alejandro. Total Drama: World Tour's villain. A very great villain at that, too. He eliminated a lot of contestants in his way to the finale: Harold, Bridgette, Leshawna, DJ, Noah, Owen, Courtney... But there's one character that he couldn't beat, even in his own ending: Heather.

After the climax of the challenge, Heather and Alejandro are at the top of the volcano. It seems that Alejandro is going to win so Heather uses her last card: she starts crying, confessing her feelings for Alejandro. The guy believes her and, when he finally kisses her, she kicks him in the groin and sends him in a ice cube to oblivion. Fatality. This elimination shows us Alejandro's true weakness: his feelings for Heather. After an entire season of great moments and confrontations between them, especially in the last few episodes of the season, seeing him get eliminated because of preferring Heather over the money is one of the greatest endings for those two characters. That's why I prefer Heather's ending over Alejandro's.

1: Heather (Total Drama Island)

Episode: I Triple Dog Dare You! (#25)

Placement: 3rd

You all saw this coming. The first villain of the franchise. The best villain of the franchise. Heather got her comeuppance in the 25th episode of Total Drama Island, when Gwen and Owen (a lot of /w/ sounds together!) decided to team up against her and utterly destroyed her in the challenge, which ends in a very karmic way when she gets eliminated by Linday's dare, which is funnily enough one of Heather's previous threats against her: hair shaving

Heather at first refuses but, after fighting against Chef Hatchet's ex-military hands to avoid losing her beautiful hair, the razor ends up falling over her head and she loses half of her hair anyway. "It doesn't matter" she is probably thinking, "I did the dare, so I'm still in the competition". But this is where it gets funny: she didn't accept the challenge. It was an accident that she got her hair shaved. She actually refused, so she accepted to be eliminated.

So our precious villain ends up in 3rd place with no hair, no price and no friends. A very satisfying ending for the best villain that we've ever got and, for me, the better written elimination of all time. Impossible to top it.

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