Hello! I'm new over here. I'm very excited with this new season, I thought Total Drama was going to stay on hiatus forever and, out of nowhere, they surprised me with the news of a new season. Awesome!

Anyway, I was reading your expectations for this new season and I found your opinions very interesting. Now I would like to give my own thoughts about how I expect season 6 to be:

The Season

So, so far we've got four times on an island, one abandoned film set and one travel around the world. I think that they will stick to the island theme, maybe bringing back Wawanakwa somehow or maybe doing something new like Pahkitew Island (but less crazy). In the end, I hope they're aiming for a season more normal, we could say. Not crazy ideas like toxic waste or robotic animals. I think they will try to bring back the old TDI feeling: normal teens on a normal island with a presumptuous host and the crazy challenges that we love.

I think they will acknowledge the fact that Total Drama is 10-years old and they will do some sort of "reunion season". Maybe set some time in the future, not too many years because the cast have to feel like they are still teens or it wouldn't work. So, I think that their idea for the season is something like "Total Drama: the best of the best", or what I hope: Total Drama All-Stars done right. Basically, the best characters from each generation. And they shouldn't care if there are more TDI characters than TD:RotI or TD:PI characters. They ARE more important, after all.

Also: they should tone down the "madness". I like Total Drama being silly, I like Chris' cruelty, I like the backstabbing and the alliances, but I don't like things like Ezekiel turning a monster, Dakotazoid, Mal, the Hurl/Flush of Shame or a contestant becoming nuts and trying to kill the other fellow contestants. I am not saying that they should get rid of every crazy element of the series, but they should tone them down.

The Episodes

So, in this one I think that all of us agree: 26 episodes is the ideal length for a season. All the 13 episodes seasons felt rushed and kinda dull, and Ridonculous Race showed us that 26 episodes can make Total Drama feel fresh and interesant again.

I don't think they plan to bring back the aftermaths, though. That was an interesting idea they had for TDA and TDWT but the cast is so big at this point that they wouldn't know what characters to put in it. And again, I think they're aiming for that Total Drama Island feeling again. An episode like "Haute Camp-ture" would be great, though.

For the challenges... Am I the only one that loved Total Drama: All-Stars' idea of mixing old challenges? They stopped using that idea after a few challenges but the first episodes were so great because the challenges were awesome. They should try something along those lines.

The Host

BLAINELEY IS FINALLY BACK!!! Nah, just kidding. Chris McLean is confirmed to be back, so there's no doubt about this one. And Chef Hatchet will be back, too, so... That's it. I don't think that they will change this.

The Cast

So here we get to the interesting part: the cast! Everybody is talking about what characters should be in this and what characters shouldn't. In a 26 episodes season, we could expect a number of contestants similar to those of TDI and TDWT (Around 20 contestants, I would say). But only for the old feelz, I think they will try to stay as close to 22 as possible. So, what about two teams of 11 contestants each? The Screaming Gophers and the Killer Bass, you say? That's completeley new! Anyway, I wouldn't mind less characters (maybe 18, or even 16) but in that case they should choose very carefully. And they should see my list, down here.

I will classify all the characters from the three generations in five categories: very unlikely, unlikely, likely, very likely and could-be-either-way. I would like to add that I'm not including any Ridonculous Race character. I think that some of them will get to compete again in a second season of RR (a second season IS going to happen, we all know it), but I don't think that they will compete on Total Drama, mainly because they work great as couples, but most of them wouldn't work on their own.

Anyway, I don't think that we're getting new characters. They've confirmed that some characters of season 1 are coming back, so either they do another All-Stars season with the three generations or they do the oh-so-talked-about fans vs favorites season. I'm sticking to the first option though, so here we go:


- Ezekiel: He got his "happy" ending in All-Stars, we know they won't fix his zombification and I don't think that he will even cameo at this point. Ezekiel has almost no fans left, so I see no reason to do something with his character. 

- Blaineley: I hope she still gets some cameos even now and then (I must be one of the few who actually likes her XD), but she is not coming back as a contestant. No way José. 

Staci: Yeah, a character that burnt to the crisp her only joke in the only two episodes that she appeared in. Not even in a million years.

Beardo: He could be an interesting character, but for a voiceless black character there's another one that I prefer.

Leonard: What would be the point? He's been fodder the two seasons he's appeared in.

- Scarlett: I'm sure there's some way she would work again as a character after "the reveal" of her last episode, but I don't think the writers are willing to look for it.

- Topher: Chris hates his guts, I don't know what excuse they could give to have him back. Plus, like Staci, his only joke was burnt to the crispier crisp because he had seven episodes to burn it (Staci, remember, only had two).

- Mike: I hope he doesn't appear ever again, even if we don't have in consideration the offensive implications that we all know. He had his development, he had his happy ending (one of the few characters that did), now he should step aside and let other characters have the spotlight.

- Dakota: I would be thrilled if the writers decide to "cure" her and bring the adorable, funny Dakota back (God, I love her voice!), but it doesn't seem very likely, so it's obvious that Dakotazoid won't be a contestant.


Zoey: So, without Mike, she could still get some development, but I think that she and Mike are some kind of indivisible package for the writers so... Yeah, no way. Good riddance, Zoe!

- Cameron: Please don't bring him back, please don't bring him back...

Sierra: She basically turned completely nuts in her last episode. Either they decide to leave the "obsessed stalker" joke aside and bring the old Sierra back (the one that knew everything about everybody and not only about Cody), or they forget about her. I don't want another season of her Cody obsession.

Justin: We have Alejandro, who is Justin 2.0. Alejandro is funnier, more interesting and has some plot left. Justin is dull, one dimensional and had all the development that he needed in Action. Buh-bye, Justin!

Katie & Sadie: They could do A LOT with these two, but this is not Fanfiction Land. We should accept that the writers don't care about them. Not even for RR.

Dave: Lame Noah had only one plot: his obsession with Sky. And I don't see that getting a happy ending. I'm afraid that Dave's only future is to become some sort of Ezekiel 2.0 and evolve into some monster as a """new and original joke""". So, he shouldn't come back. For his own good.

- Geoff: He was a finalist in RR, so I would only like to see him if they plan to do something interesting with him and Bridgette. If they don't, Geoff should not be in the new season.


- Sugar: So, she's not very likely but she's not unlikely either. She has some plot possibilities and it would be fun to see her interacting with other TD characters... but her fart jokes will be taken by SOME OTHER CHARACTER and she is hated by most of the fanbase. So, I can't decide what her odds are.

- Courtney: I can't decide either, with Courtney. She still has so much possibilities left. Her voice actress has a very good relationship with the creators, she has a lot of open plots (Her friendship with Gwen, her relationship with Scott, her whatever with Duncan...) and she's a Total Drama classic. They can fix her character, it's not too late. But... if they are going to do with her what they did in TDAS they should let her rest. Forever.

- DJ: I didn't like what they did with DJ in TDA and WT and his cameo in RotI was lame. But again, he's a classic competitor and Clé Bennett will probably be there voicing Chef, so they could bring him back as fodder without many troubles. I don't think that he has some other utility at this point.

- Beth: Beth can be summed up in one word: meh. I won't mind if they decide to bring her back, but I'm not rooting for her either.

- Sam: Without Dakota, what's his plot? He got in TDAS because Owen's voice actor couldn't (or didn't want to) voice him, but Owen was in Ridonculous Race, so we can deduce that it's not impossible for him to come back. So, if they have to choose (Owen or Sam), they'll pick Owen. If Owen is not in this, they can choose either Sam or Sugar.

Max: He was sooo annoying. But the writers seem to love annoying characters, so I see him coming back to annoy me for a few more episodes. This is a call for help.

- Rodney: I mean, they COULD bring him back. But... what would be the point? Pahkitew Island has a lot of characters more interesting than him. He was fodder, he should stay that way.


- Izzy: My lovely Explosivo girl. She has to come back, she is funny, she is loved by the fans and she could have some great interactions with the other characters. But, as always, she shouldn't over stay her welcome. Middle of the classification would be great for her. But even if she doesn't qualify for the season, she'll get a cameo. I'm sure!

- Lindsay: She deserves to make it to the final. She has so many possibilities and she is sooo funny that it hurt me when she got the boot so early in TDWT and TDAS. 

- Tyler: Why not? He's great, he has some interesting possibilities as a character and he and Lindsay are lovely together. Also, there's this rumor that someone from the staff said that he and Lindsay broke up, so they should bring them back to clarify what's happening here.

- Eva: Unlike Katie and Sadie, I think that they are thinking about bringing the old killing machine back. Some people say that she was replaced by Jo, but I think that they are in fact very different characters. The only similarity between them is that they love to exercise. That's it. Eva could be a great character in a new season. TEAM EVA!

- Noah: Well... I'm not sure about Noah. He had plenty of development in RR so I don't think that he needs to be here. But I love World Tour Noah. He was so damn funny. Only for this reason, I hope that he's brought back... without Emma. Sorry for their fans!

- Cody: Yeah, the Codemeister could be an interesting choice. I think that he was considered to appear in TDAS but didn't make it, so without crazy stalker Sierra in the way they should bring him back and let him have some serious development both in his own and with some characters: A new crush, a rivalry, whatever. Anything. Pretty please?

- Trent: Most underused character in TD history (sorry Eva!). Yeah, he's not THAT interesting and without Gwen he's kinda one-dimensional. BUT! That means that a lot can be done with him. We could see his nasty side, we could see his deepest side, we could see a lot of him! 

- Bridgette: I don't want Geoff to be in this, but I would love to have Bridgette back. Her role in TDA and TDWT was... pathetic, I think would be the most appropriate word. Yeah, I know she was the Aftermath host and all that, but we could see a lot of Bridgette as a contestant. And it would be great to see her without Geoff, and it would be even greater if they decide to not center her plot around a crush in some man! Go feminist Bridgette!

- Alejandro: He has a lot of potential even at this point. He demonstrated in TDAS that he's able to play the game even without luring the other characters with his beauty. If they decide to bring Alejandro back, he would be a great character once again.

- Lightning: Weeell, I wouldn't be thrilled if he comes back, but he has some good traits and he's funny. He shouldn't last too long, but he's one of TD:RotI All-Stars, so bring him back!

Jo: Yeaah! I would love to see a rivalry between Jo and Eva. Jo is great, I really like her and I think she's the female character from TD:RotI with the most possibilities to be in the new season.

- Anne Maria: I almost put her in the "Could-be-either-way" section, but then I remembered about the RR finale where she made a cameo. Yeah, I know, they weren't foreshadowing anything, but this proves that they think about her in some way. I'm sure they can do a lot with her without Vito in the proximity. 

Brick: I love Brick. Please give me some Brick. We need Brick back. Brick is the best.

- Dawn: A fan favorite with a lot of potential. Yeah, she's more like a supporting character, but they took her away too soon! She appeared in only 6 episodes. Mike has appeared in 23. Why is life so unfair!?

- B: I like B, and with a 20 something character cast they would accept any opportunity for a character to stay silent. If Dawn comes back too, she can be his interpreter again, and if she doesn't, they can find a way to make him "talk".

Sky: I don't really care about her, but well, she was a finalist and finalists have this annoying tendency to come back in the following-season-without-a-new-cast (Beth being the exception). So, in the end, I think she is likely to appear again. Oh well.

- Ella: Please don't let Ella stay as a one shot character. She can be used in sooo many ways. Most people won't agree with me here, but having a completely pure and innocent character in the show is quite refreshing. I want more Ella with less Sugar.


- Heather: Come on. It's Heather. She's coming back. We all know it.

- Owen: Come on. It's Owen. He's... okay, I'll stop, but yes, he will be in this. He's "the mascot" of the franchise and they totally consider him a "fan favorite from season 1" for some reason. Even if fans don't like him that much. Well, whatever floats their boat, I guess.

- Duncan: Drew Nelson nearly confirmed this on Twitter. And the writers absolutely love Duncan. It's like a son to them. An annoying, screenhogger, quite unfunny son. Hey! I'm not biased against him, I put him in the very likely section, didn't I?

- Gwen: Bring back the Goth! Give her some plot away from Duncan, Cameron/Zoey/Mike and Courtney! Bring back the badass loner we loved back in season 1!

- Harold: He could bring something old but new at the same time to Duncan's character. Away from the love triangle, the rivalry between Duncan and Harold would be refreshing for the punk (even if they used that plot for two seasons, that's how bad he got with the love triangle!). And this time, let Harold have his deserved victory.

- Leshawna: I would like to call the creators and ask them why they decided to leave Leshawna aside in TDAS. She IS an All-Star. Sierra isn't. Accept it, Fresh TV. Leshawna must be back for the new season, we all love her even if they tried to destroy her character in Action.

Scott: The best character from TD:RotI. End of discussion.

- Shawn: If they have to bring a character from Pahkitew Island back, it will be Shawn. He's funny, he had some development, he has some kind of healthy relationship... I can't even think an argument against him.

- Jasmine: If they bring Shawn back, Jasmine will be in it too. And come on, she's great! I wouldn't mind seeing her making it to the final two.

- Amy & Samey: Okey, maybe I'm risking too much putting them here, but I was thinking about who the villain of the season could be. At this point, Heather and Alejandro are not taken seriously by anyone, Justin is a joke, Courtney is too destroyed as a character to be the villain of a new season, Scott is not a villain anymore, Sugar is too stupid to be an appropriate bad guy for a whole season and Scarlett is history... So either they take a "good character" and make them the new villain, either they introduce a new character to be the villain (quite complicated in an All-Stars season) or they pick the easy option and use Amy, an underused evil character from Pahkitew Island. They can do SOOO much with these two and the good twin vs evil twin idea. I see them working too in a RR season, but Amy as the villain of a new TD season and Samey as the "hero" would be awesome. But, of course, I don't want an Amy vs Samey finale. That would be as stupid as having a couple of lovers being the final tw-- oh.

So, to sum up:

VERY UNLIKELY: Ezekiel, Blaineley, Staci, Beardo, Leonard, Scarlett, Topher, Mike, Dakota

UNLIKELY: Zoey, Cameron, Sierra, Justin, Katie, Sadie, Geoff, Dave

COULD BE: Sugar, Courtney, DJ, Beth, Sam, Max, Rodney

LIKELY: Izzy, Lindsay, Tyler, Eva, Noah, Cody, Trent, Bridgette, Alejandro, Lightning, Jo, Anne Maria, Brick, Dawn, B, Sky, Ella

VERY LIKELY: Heather, Owen, Duncan, Gwen, Leshawna, Harold, Scott, Shawn, Jasmine, Amy, Samey

"But those are A LOT of likely and very likely characters!". Yeah, but the fact that they are likely doesn't mean that all of them will be chosen. There are characters with very similar odds, like Trent, Tyler and Cody or Lightning and Jo.

So, let's see what would be a very possible cast:

So, we've got 12 girls and 10 boys. The only way to have the same number of boys than girls is to get rid of Ella and put Dave or Rodney in this, and that would be sooo lame. Or maybe they could pick B instead of Anne Maria. That's another option. But whatever, if parity is your thing be my guest.

I'm not saying that these are the characters that I want, anyway. I'm saying that if the writer had to choose 22 characters from the three generations to compete in a season, at this point they would choose these characters. I would like less Duncan and more Eva, but I wouldn't protest against a season like this one.

What We Are Really Getting

A 13 episodes season with Owen, Duncan, Zoey and Mike as the Final Four, the funny characters getting flushed (or whatever they think of for this season) in the first episodes and Courtney starting a relationship with Max (hey, she hasn't kissed anyone from the third generation yet!) only to be unveiled as an hypocrite later on by some lame excuse and getting herself eliminated to show her some karma... That's new, isn't it?

Well thanks for reading all of this! Let me know your opinions about your predictions and share your own predictions in the comments if you want!