This article/section features spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.

This article/section features spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.

This article/section features spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.


With the end of TDPI, I think I've finally finished my official character rankings. This was an AMAZING season, with some of the greatest characterization I've seen since TDI. I'd honestly say that this was my favorite season of all-time, and my only real complaint with it was that it was too short (and a certain person I hate getting as far as they did, but whatever). Without further ado, here goes my official character list, from least favorite to favorite!


File:Lmao my bad.png

14th - AMY. Oh my god. She's horrible. Her WHOLE ENTIRE CHARACTER is revolved around her being emotionally abusive and manipulative towards her sister. Did she ever do a SINGLE thing besides putting down her sister and constantly belittling her? Like, I get there's supposed to be an antagonist, but she's a one-trick pony with absolutely no character development and an abhorrent personality in addition. Also, I'm not sure whether her abuse of Samey was supposed to be treated as a joke (I don't think it was?), but it certainly was not funny seeing something that so many people experience on a TV show I enjoy for fun. Eating the poisonous apple and getting fired out twice was definitely not enough karma for this sorry excuse for a character. Probably my least favorite character of all time.


13th - SUGAR. Annoying, unfunny, fat jokes ahoy! Once again, I get that there's supposed to be an antagonist, but her treatment of Ella (someone who so desperately wanted to appeal to Sugar that the thing she wanted most in the world was to change the thing that was stopping Sugar from liking her) was despicable and hard to watch. Not just that, but the only real thing she contributed to the show was fart jokes, eating jokes, being an idiot, and being an antagonist. I won't deny that she's a good antagonist, but she's just so unbearably annoying that I can't like her. Don't flame me pls



(ignore Dave)

12th/11th - LEONARD and BEARDO. They really did nothing! Beardo's noises were ehh, I'm sure they would've gotten annoying if he lasted any longer. Leonard did literally nothing. They're okay, if I had to pick one over the other, I'd pick Beardo, because he was adorable in his audition.



10th - RODNEY. Ah, lover boy. His plot points were somewhat funny, but he really did nothing interesting and was elimination fodder from the beginning. It was funny seeing him go, though. "I LOVE GIRL ISLAND!" Me too, Rodney. Me too.


9th - DAVE. This was like, the only good picture of Dave I could find where he's the center. Sorry about that. Anyways, Dave was a fun and relatable character - arguably one of my favorites - until the whole thing with Sky started. What irritated me the most about his actions is that he NEVER let Sky finish her "but," yet gets mad at her when he finally learns it. Seriously? You know, this WHOLE situation could've been avoided if you let the girl talk. She rejects him after his constant moves, but SHE is painted as the bad guy? Nope. That's ridiculous. Still, Sky using him for the challenge was pretty messed, but, yeah. Trying to kill Sky is kinda messed too. I still like him as a character though, even though he's a little bit of the "friendzone fedora" type guy.



8th - SKY. I like Sky. I like her a lot. I love that she's a competitive girl of color (specifically First Nations, who are rarely depicted, if at all, in animation) who tries her best to keep her head in the game. However, the whole situation with Dave was really annoying to watch, and her actions during it were kind of... horrible. However, that still doesn't stop me from loving her! I'm still glad Shawn won, though.


7th - SAMEY/SAMMY. Sammy, my precious child. You don't deserve anything bad that happens to you because of your disgusting and horrible sister. Even though I liked her a lot, her plotline seemed a bit dull - but her character development was OUTSTANDING. I wish we got to see a bit more of her, but what can you do? (I also wish we got to see her punch her sister, but that's another story) She isn't this low because I dislike her, it's because I like other characters more. That's just how it goes, sorry Samey.


6th - TOPHER. I have no excuse for putting Topher this high. I have absolutely no rational excuse behind liking him as much as I do. I'm so sorry.



5th - MAX. Oh my god. Max was HILARIOUS. His whole dynamic with Scarlett was so enjoyable to watch. I love how hard he tried to be evil. I love how absolutely cartoony and silly he was, I love how he loves babies, I love what a complete dork he was. His function as the comic relief as the season was great and a much better attempt at comedy than what they tried with Sugar. My favorite thing of all, though, was how he was completely overshadowed by his 'sidekick' in the end. YOU CAN'T HAX THE MAX

Scary Scarlett

I think I have a crush...

4th - SCARLETT. Woah. Scarlett's lead-up to the big reveal in Scarlett Fever was great. Smart girl who gets by in the game by simply following her team and using her intelligence. I already watched some of the episodes in Italian before the season started, but it was still REALLY awesome to see Scarlett Fever again (in English!). All in all, Scarlett, although for an antagonist for one episode (though she did get the eel that shocked Ella and did make the pig evil in I Love You Grease Pig!), was one of the main highlights of the season, and definitely one of my favorite characters from PI.


Ella Confessional

3rd - ELLA. Oh, Ella. I love her. I love her so much. Her voice is heavenly (Sunday Muse is a really great singer)! I just really hate how her and Samey functioned as this season's whipping boys! It was horrible. She's so much better than Dave, I still don't understand why she fell for him. If they ever make a TDWT: 2 and she's not in it, I'm suing Fresh TV. Ella shouldn't have gone out when she did (THANKS SUGAR), but her elimination song made her elimination probably the best in Total Drama history. Goodnight, you adorable Disney-esque princess.


2nd - SHAWN. SHAWN MY BOY! I LOVE HIM! I can't even properly explain how much I love him (and Jasmine, for that matter). The whole zombie gimmick is handled hilariously (although sometimes it's a tiny bit annoying but that's not important). Despite seeming to be elimination bait, Shawn made himself into an amazingly cunning and likeable character, with great development to boot. I wouldn't have picked anyone else I would've liked more to win (except Jasmine).


There she goes, embarassing us all with her excellency

1st - JASMINE. OOOOOOOHHH MY GOD I CANNOT TELL YA'LL HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS GIRL. A strong, smart, determined, competitive, tall, sometimes intimidating girl of color with leadership capabilities? YES. She is just perfect (but not in the Mary Sue sense - she has her faults, still). Everything about her makes her my absolute favorite all time Total Drama character. Although her initial actions towards Shawn seemed a bit mean, they were perfectly justified, but the fact that they made up is just so... ah! They're the best couple in Total Drama history, in terms of both my own opinion and also in terms of stability and love. It's just so refreshing to see such a healthy and nice relationship in the media. I love these two so much, they're so precious. I'm praying that they return in Ridonculous Race.


  1. Jasmine
  2. Shawn
  3. Ella
  4. Scarlett
  5. Max
  6. Topher
  7. Sammy
  8. Sky
  9. Dave
  10. Rodney
  11. Beardo
  12. Leonard
  13. Sugar
  14. Amy

Favorite season, blah blah blah, I love Jashawn