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    With the end of TDPI, I think I've finally finished my official character rankings. This was an AMAZING season, with some of the greatest characterization I've seen since TDI. I'd honestly say that this was my favorite season of all-time, and my only real complaint with it was that it was too short (and a certain person I hate getting as far as they did, but whatever). Without further ado, here goes my official character list, from least favorite to favorite!

    File:Lmao my bad.png

    14th - AMY. Oh my god. She's horrible. Her WHOLE ENTIRE CHARACTER is revolved around her being emotionally abusive and manipulative towards her sister. Did she ever do a SINGLE thing besides putting down her sister and constantly belittling her? Like, I get there's s…

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    Yo! Okay, I'm gonna make this part relatively short and sweet.

    My name is Kitt! I already made an introductory blog two years ago, but I never really stayed on the wiki, so... yeah. I'm a former admin on the MLP Wiki (a phase in my life I'd rather forget). I'm a lifelong fan of Total Drama. My favorite characters from the original series are LeShawna (I HATE how the show canonically spells her name, it makes no sense), Heather, Gwen, Tyler, Noah, and a few others.

    I have not watched RoTI (I know, I know, I should, but I kind of got the gist of it anyways).

    I'm not really that interesting, but I hope to be good friends with you all!

    Alright. Pahkitew Island. First of all, I am absolutely in LOVE with the character design for this season. It's w…

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    January 16, 2012 by Flying High

    I don't know if I'll be active, but as stated as on my profile, I'll try to be more active when TD:RotI premieres - and it did! (At least in Canada...)

    So I'd like to at least introduce myself first.

    My (user)name is Flying High. I'm an admin on the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Wiki (which means I have experience), and am hoping to actively contribute to this wiki in the near future!

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