Like the title of the blog says, here is where you share opinions about the Total Drama franchise that aren't held by many other people.

I'll start by saying that I don't think Cameron is a bad character. In fact, I actually believe he's a pretty decent character and one of the better developed ones in the series or at least he was in TDROTI. He's no Heather or anything but for a character who only had 13 episodes I thought he was fairly good. I agree with most people that his role in TDAS was pretty pointless and they had him do some idiotic things (such as kissing Courtney) but most of that season was just a mess in general. Just about everyone was derailed and flanderized except for the very early boots. In TDROTI, I thought he was developed very well and his storyline was well-written and relatable, going from a meek pushover who got bullied by characters like Jo and Lightning to actually standing up for himself and getting some retaliation against them (even earning Jo's respect in the process). And, in the end, he still shared his money with them, as well as every other contestant that season, despite their previous animosity. Thus far, there's been no other season winner who has done that.

I can understand the reasons people don't care for him. He isn't the funniest character and some people might find his personality and voice annoying. He's never really bothered me though. Just a preference, I guess.

Also disagree with people that his character design is ugly or "fugly" as certain members here would say. I find his design pretty unique, actually. He's not generic looking like, say, Zoey and Lightning are.

Feel free to comment on my opinion or state your own about anything else related to TD. Just be respectful.

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