Total Drama is a show with A LOT of characters. The Ridonculous Race now brings the number of characters to over 80. I have to give a lot of credit to Fresh TV for designing so many characters and (for the most part) making them all look so unique from each other. That isn't to say that haven't taken shortcuts though and for good reason. Designing characters takes time and (more importantly) money. Since the debut of the second generation onward, I have noticed from time to time that Fresh will occasionally reuse body parts from an old character to make a new one. This blog post isn't intended as a knock towards them (well, except maybe if the reuse is particularly blatant). It's just something I've observed.

Here's all I've noticed so far. Feel free to any I may have missed (and I'm sure I did).

Mike: Harold's chin

Zoey: Courtney's legs/pants

B: Owen's entire body shape

Dave: Harold's shoes

Shawn: The clothes of that homeless man who stole Ezekiel's wallet (no lie)

Jasmine: Heather's shorts

Amy/Samey: Gwen's legs and skirt

Rodney: DJ's arms and chest

Jay/Mickey: Since they're Cameron's old design, they basically have his entire body shape

Mary: I'm not convinced yet she isn't Harold in drag

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