You know, for quite a while, I've had strong negative feelings toward the whole DuncanxZoey shipping. Why? Well, it's already a big deal that I might end up putting the Total Drama fanbase in the Worst Fanbases List due to two ongoing fanwars even though a strong neutrality code I have implanted in my head puts me against it. I'd rather not go into that since there are no verifiable claims that support both wars, and my aim is to keep an objective point of view in this journal. Well, here goes.:

1. Duncan Actions Towards Girls

Pretty much the most obvious and most important reason for my opposition of the DuncanxZoey ship is Duncan's actions towards girls. Before getting in a relationship with Courtney, Duncan flirted with Heather, even offering to sleep in a bunk with her. Of course that was perhaps one of the only, if not the only, time that Duncan had any sort of attraction towards Heather. Then again, this wiki is a secondary source, the primary source being the series itself. After that, Duncan had (reasonably) negative feelings towards Heather's behavior.

As for the subject of Duncan and Courtney, well, it is one of the earliest pairings in the series, the earliest being GwenxGeoff, which occurred in what technically is the series' pilot: Camp TV's video promotion. The two started out as enemies, and, well, things slowly changed. Perhaps the earliest signs of their relationship was in the episode Sucky Outdoors, in which Courtney ran into Duncan's arms and later "allegedly cuddled" (as she calls it) Duncan in her sleep. Since then their relationship grew, probably peaking at Basic Straining, in which she stole a kiss from Duncan. Then again, in the special, they have had several love-based interactions. After the first season, things grew rather iffy.

The conflict revolving around Courtney's and Duncan's relationship is technically caused by Duncan's relationship with Gwen. While the initial instigation is rather unknown, there are some assumptions. The DuncanxGwen article might have leaned towards Gwen's actions in the earliest of episodes in the 2nd season, although the same article stated that Trent and Courtney showed contempt towards Duncan. Perhaps this might mean that Duncan instigated the relationship, but the beginning is still a mystery. The relationship had it's strongest roots in the 2nd Aftermath episode, in which Duncan accidentally pushed Gwen down to the ground after a bit of roughhousing. He soon followed Gwen down, and when the clip paused a second and final time, it was shown that they were about to kiss. I'd predict that there is a 70% chance that Duncan instigated the relationship in the first place, and those are some high odds.

Total Drama World Tour is where the Gwen and Duncan relationship peaked. In I See London, Duncan pulled Gwen in for a kiss in a confessional, which Tyler witness with a "What the heck?" face. Tyler was then forced to reveal the secret in Greece's Pieces, which led to Courtney's sudden burst of rage. Truth is, it's Courtney's jealousy that would make her as cranky as her haters would claim her to be, so the "cranky" bit was never quite inherent in Courtney's personality. Verdict? Duncan cheated on Courtney.

Courtney, Duncan, and Gwen returned in Total Drama All Stars. Although the fans dispute between that season and Total Drama Action as being the worst season in the series (by the looks of it, it's 80/20), I think one would have to watch every season five times to get the true answer. Now, onto the relationship between Gwen and Duncan. During the season, Gwen tries to make amends with Courtney, even trying to push Duncan aside to do so. Eventually, in Moon Madness, Gwen broke up with Duncan. Reason? Duncan was practically talking about Courtney throughout the episode. Ultimately, karma hit Duncan when he destroyed Chris's mansion/cottage and got arrested for it.

2. Mike's Actions Towards Girls

Mike, who is unintentionally the most controversial character (Todd Kauffman stated himself that the MPD thing is not something he would do) due to the reset button business and, well, other things, actually had stronger qualities of dedication. While a backstory might have been needed to explain the start of Mike and Zoey relationship, he has showed stronger dedication toward Zoey than Duncan did for both of his exes. The relationship initially had no conflicts, but when Ice Ice Baby hit the airwaves, Vito, perhaps the most popular of Mike's personalities, made his debut. Unlike Mike, Vito showed disrespect towards Zoey, preferring looks over personality. Vito triggered a love triangle between Zoey, Anne Maria, and Mike because of Vito's and Mike's conflicting love preferences. Said conflict peaked when Vito and Anne Maria made out in front of Zoey, who was practically forced to watch since she's mummified on a spider web. After this, Mike had great stress over his relationship with Zoey, worried that Vito will ruin it for him. In Grand Chef Auto, Zoey had an intention to break up with Mike, only to learn from Cameron that Mike is in a battle against his personalities. I have to say, the battle inside a human is greater than the battle outside a human. Once Mike put his personalities in their place, Mike tells the truth to Zoey, to which Zoey responds with forgiveness.

In Total Drama All Stars, Mike's relationship with Zoey apparently strengthened. Of course that is until Mal was restored to his former glory in Evil Dread. Unlike Vito, Mal was never shown to be interested in dating anyone, even attempting to kill Zoey out of his own will in Moon Madness. Instead, he used the foot-in-the-door method against the competition: starting with disarming the first few and working his way up to outright elimination attempts. Mal was finally released in No One Eggspects the Spanish Opposition, when an stressful attempt by Mike to defeat Mal from the outside went awry. This forced Mike to try defeating him on the inside, with the help of his personalities. Of course the battle within was won through discouraging ways in The Final Wreckening. Zoey initially had planned on defeating Mal in order to avenge Mike, but with Mike's victory, and thus awkward recovery, Zoey and Mike reunited and kissed each other twice.

3. Duncan's and Zoey's Conflicting Personalities

Duncan has been a delinquent for who knows how long. Despite some of his friendlier actions, Duncan did cheat on Courtney and put Gwen in a conflict within herself. That and he has done things ranging from annoying to destructive, whether it be pulling pranks on Harold, or igniting some TNT to destroy junk.

Zoey on the other hand is genuinely friendly towards others. If dedication to Mike isn't enough, then she has supported friendly actions and opposed enemy actions. This sometimes gets her fooled by fake friendships. Also, Zoey was initially shy, but has developed confidence after allowing herself to build up her social skills. This led to a friendship trio between her, Mike, and Cameron.

4. Conclusion

In conclusion, while both Duncan and Zoey, like every other character in the series, served to show that one should only be judged by one's words and actions, the actions of both Duncan and Zoey proved that a relationship between these two is not meant to be. We all have our own opinions, and I can respect that, but this isn't anything I could even grasp. This took hours of work on, and I had to use whatever article in this wiki was necessary to support my claim.

5. Bibliography

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