Owen The Hungry The Boss The Fearless DNC DNC
Gwen The Horror Lover The Blower The Stealer DNC The Challenger
Heather The Antagonist The Bald One The Evil Princess DNC Alejandro's Nightmare
Duncan The Strategist The Champion The Quiter DNC Boom-Boom
LeShawna The Black Gurl The Trash Talker The Slapper DNC DNC
Geoff The Party Animal The Kisser DNC DNC DNC
Izzy The Weirdo The Actress The Injure-Prone DNC DNC
DJ The Lovable The Played The Cursed DNC DNC
Lindsay The Fashion Freak The Season Idiot The Forgetful One DNC The Wipeout
Bridgette The Surfer The Reasonable Host The Cheater DNC DNC
Trent The Guitarist The Nine Guy DNC DNC DNC
Eva The Vicious DNC DNC DNC DNC
Harold The Rigger The Ninja Kid The Japanese Braniac DNC DNC
Courtney The CIT The Antagonist The Hater DNC The Sundae Sweet
Sadie The Lost One DNC DNC DNC DNC
Beth The Cursed The Improved DNC DNC DNC
Cody The Stalker DNC The Improved DNC DNC
Tyler The Chicken Fear DNC The Least Remembered DNC DNC
Katie The Tan One DNC DNC DNC DNC
Justin The Hot One The Prince DNC DNC DNC
Noah The Smarty Pants DNC The Fearless DNC DNC
Zeke The Homeschooled DNC The Cling-On DNC DNC
Alejandro DNC DNC The Antagonist DNC The Coma
Seirra DNC DNC The Freak Show DNC The Cody Lover
Cameron DNC DNC DNC The Bubble Boy The Played
Lightning DNC DNC DNC The ShaBam The Volunteer
Zoey DNC DNC DNC The Tarantula The Romantic
Scott DNC DNC DNC The Antagonist The Lazy One
Jo DNC DNC DNC The Second Eva The Competitor
Mike DNC DNC DNC The Hero The Antagonist
Dakota DNC DNC DNC The Mutated Monster DNC
Anne Maria DNC DNC DNC The Tan One DNC
Brick DNC DNC DNC The Millitary Soldier DNC
Sam DNC DNC DNC The Embarrising One The Gameboy
Dawn DNC DNC DNC The Animal Whisperer DNC
B DNC DNC DNC The Quiet Strategist DNC
Staci DNC DNC DNC The Lying One DNC

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