• ObjectionOverruled

    1. Beth: She annoyed her team by bragging she won in Total Drama Action. 2. Dwayne: He was really unhelpful to his team 3. Ezekiel: He was excited for not being first out and to save one of his teammates, he voted himself off. 4. Kitty: Her team knew that Ezekiel saved her, so she refused to do the challenge. 5. Heather and Alejando: They were threats, they got very far before anyway. 6: Blainley: She was very bossy to her team, so her team cost the challenge 7: Brody: He just wanted to surf during the challenge, so he cost his team the challenge 8: Max: Keeps claiming he is truly evil 9: Annie Maria: Ate her teams meal. 10: Scarlett: She revealed her true form again and nearly destroyed the island 11: Justin: He attracted his team, and fa…

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