The total drama series has had some dumb contestants. But who is the dumbest? Well most of them have at least some brains.

Here is my list of the dumbest total drama contestants-

Lindsay cheers for Izzy

See is labeled the dumb princess. But she has some brains like in Get a Clue for example.


Hasn't used his brain in like sixteen years giving him a hollow head. Also his brains are thinking what would Courtney do in a way.

Lightning (Ridonculous Roleplay)

Thinking Cameron was a girl and thinking Jo was a boy. Well his brains are making a digital message for jo that it was a bad idea to vote him off.


Well she can't spell gone and anonymous , thought Ella was faking being nice,thought Leonard was an actual wizard and her brain is in her neck. Well she used Sky to get to the final three I guess that is brains.

Ella TDPI Rank

Well she didn't know Sugar hated her , thought Dave liked her just for putting her shoe back on and never figured out Sugar hated her. Well she knew Chris was mean.

Leonard TDRR Rank


He thought he was a wizard. Well he knew how to build a tower.

Well this is my list of the dumbest total drama contestants

Who do you think is the dumbest total drama contestant?

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