I made a What is your favorite episode from each total drama season. Now this is what your least favorie episode from each total drama season. Mine are-


The last episode really(Owen's ending)  or X-treme torture

The TDI finale was going well until Owen cheated in a way making him win in pretty much every country except like four.(I think Owen is the most undeserving Total Drama winner)

X-treme torture because of the challenge and how Harold lost the challenge for the killer bass.


Any aftermath episode

The aftermaths were entertaining yet lame at the same time.Because the theme song showing the aftermath stage at the end basically said Geoff and Bridgette are going to get eliminated early so don't root for them. Also it ruined Geoff.


The last five minutes of I see London

I see London was one of the greatest episodes of the season until the last five minutes. Team Chris is Really ,Really,Really,Really hot won the challenge. But the reason why the all girl team won is because of Gwen and Courtney capturing Duncan putting him back on the show. Which was not the challenge.


Truth or Laser Shark

Just a lame episode. Chris didn't care if the contestants got ate by Fang.


You regatta be kidding me

So close to saying The final wreckening but this episode is worse. Because Duncan was eliminated by being arrested. The only good part of the episode it ended the Duncan sweetheart arc. Gwen and Courtney became Katie and Sadie in a way.


Sky Fall

Jasmine's elimination and the Sugar and Sky alliance. Jasmine along with Sky were the only normal contestants in that season left.

Ridonculous Race

Down and Outback

This episode had a double elimination eliminating The Rockers and The Stepbrothers my two favorite teams from the season. Also it made the stepbrothers look like total morons.

So what are your least favorite episodes from each season?

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