What is your favorite episode from each Total Drama season?

Mine are-

Total Drama Island-

Total Drama,Drama,Drama,Drama island

I know this is the special for the season ,but this episode basically started TDA showing Justin and Courtney's villianous natures.Also the contestants all had their own storyline and the money got ate by a shark at the end.

Total Drama Action-

Get a Clue

I was close to saying the reunion special. I like this episode because it showed Lindsay had brains and just well written.

Total Drama World Tour-

Planes,trains and hot air mobiles

Since World tour is my favorite season, this episode showed the conflict between Heather and Alejandro and how great it was also I'm gonna make it was a good song.

Total Drama Revenge of the island-

A Mine is a terrible thing to waste

This is a good episode we got to see what happened to the money from World tour, Manitoba Smith and Brick saving the entire cast. Causing his elimination.

Total Drama All Stars-

Evil Dread

This is a good episode because it has a survivor like challenge , the rise of Mal, and Alejandro's legs healed.

Total Drama Pahkitew island-

Scarlett fever

This episode showed scarlett's true nature and showed the island was artificial'

Ridonculous Race-

The finale because it caused the elimination for the ice dancers

what are your favorite episodes from each season of TD?

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