The total drama tv series has had some great lines what are your top ten favorite lines from total drama?

10.Come fly with us or come die with us!- Noah during come fly with us in TDWT

9.Watch out total drama nerds new guy is going all the way to the top.-Alejandro using the confessional in the season finale of TDA.

8.all of the mountain king whistle -Mal TDAS

7.You are mean you are a backstabbing lying ------------- girl!-Lindsay TDI school here I come! yea you heard me-Brick TDROTI (Cameron 's ending)

5.Heather's been pretty good to me hey I bet I am the first person to ever say that-Cody TDWT

4.They're perfect for each other one has sharp teeth and will eat you alive and the other one's a shark-Beth TDA

3.Where's tweedle dum and tweedle idiot? Duncan TDI

2.Yo Harold if listen to that song by that skinny rich girl and think of me I will have to Kill you- Harold reading letter from leshawna TDA.

1.little something called victory!- heather.

What are your favorite lines from total drama?

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