Some Total drama contestants have been parodies of characters or real people. Well this is mainly in the second and third generation cast members. With Revenge of the Island Scott is based on survivor contestant Russel hantz , Anne Maria is based off of Jersey shore cast member Snooki, Manitoba smith one of Mike's personalities is mainly based off of Steve Irwin,Dakota is based off of Paris Hilton,Jo based off of a character from the tv show glee,and Sam the non all star based off of Canadian actor/comedian Seth rogen. While the original cast Ezekiel based off of lord of the rings character gollum, and Harold based off of Napoleon dynamite. With Pahkitew island cast members Jasmine is based off of Mindy Irwin and sugar is based off of honey boo boo. Does anyone else agree writers of Total drama are not making original characters but contestants based off of real people or characters from movies and tv shows?

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