This is a topic about the pros and cons of each season of total drama-

Total drama island

Pros- Great parody of survivor

Well written no bad episodes


Owen winning(since all he did was fart and didn't play the game)

The editing (especially all the edits in x-treme torture)

Total drama action


Great movie themed challenges

Courtney being a villian

Duncan winning (in most countries)


Started the gwuncan/duncney love triangle

Justin was a terrible villian

Total drama World tour


Noah was redeemed


Heather being an anti hero instead of a villain

Three teams


Well depends on your opinion singing (but I loved shearing sheep and Gwen 's face)

Gollum Ezekiel

Duncney/gwuncan love triangle again

Total drama revenge of the island


McLean brand Chris head


Scott's fake McLean brand Chris heads


Bringing back Ezekiel

The final two was kind of lame

Toxic waste

Total drama all stars


Mixing the casts

Alejandro getting out of the robot suit

Eventhough he was a bland villian Mal

Boney island being a parody of exile island from survivor

McLean brand Chris head


Duncan's elimination

Eventhough it was a good episode Zeek and he shall find

Gwuncan/duncney love triangle AGAIN

Gwen being put on the villians team

Sierra's Cody obsession got worse

Sam really?

Lowest amount of writers

The final wreckening

Flush of shame

Courtney on the heroic hamsters before switching with Duncan in saving private leechball.

Sundae muddy sundae

Scott and Courtney hooking up.

Total drama pahkitew island

Pros -

Great team names (before sky said what they actually meant)

No love triangle

Great final two.

Samey playing Amy



It is never really said why sugar didn't like Ella

Rodney being girl crazy

Unrealistic cast members(beardo,Leonard,max,Ella and Scarlett)

Dave being a whiny version of mike.

Sugar making it too far.

Chef being useless.

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