This is a list of the most underrated total drama characters

Noah- Possibly the most underrated character in the show's history had so much potential but he always got out early because of his unfair elimination in world tour.

Courtney- Why is she on the list? Because of she could of been used more in TDI and should of been a finalist in TDA. (Yes I know she is one of the punching bags for the writers in total drama)
Tyler - Tyler could of been used more well at least talked about more. Tyler was a good character.

Ezekiel - This character should at least been the third person voted out eventhough I am not a fan of Ezekiel he still should of been used more.

Eva - I wish she at least competed in TDA because she had potential I did like her as a reporter.
Just eva
brick- he originally was going to compete in all stars but didn't because I would like to see him compete with the original cast.

I wish I could put some pahkitew island characters but I can't think of ones that are overrated.

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