In the total drama series there have been foreshadowings but have been really bad For example (ones I can remember)

Total drama island -

Owen saying imagine if I won in a confessional and he 'won'

Heather lying to Beth and Lindsay about taking them to the final three and Heather went to the final three.

Chris telling Ezekiel to stick around as long as he can and he got eliminated first.

Total drama action-

Alejandro saying watch out Total drama nerds new guy is going all the way to the top and he went to the final two.

Duncan almost kissing Gwen in a bonus clip is pretty much saying they will be a couple.

Total drama world tour-

Ezekiel being told he got voted out first last time he played is pretty much telling the audience he will get voted out first.

Total drama revenge of the island-

In an episode Mal appears in mikes head.

Total drama off Stars -

In the first episode when fang is reintroduced we see the final four look into the water.

Total drama pahkitew island-

Jasmine telling Shawn we could split the money is basically saying Shawn is going to the final two.

What are the terrible foreshadowings in total drama that you noticed?

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