Total drama all stars is the most disliked season among the total drama fan base.There are many errors in this season sundae muddy sundae,Sam returning instead of brick,the final wreckening and Scott and Courtney hooking up. There are many continuity errors like-

Courtney saying she kissed Alejandro and it wasn't mentioned in any episode of TDWT

Courtney saying that was years ago about kissing Alejandro but Alejandro was in the robot suit for a year meaning it was a year after the events of World Tour.

Duncan saying he will rule juvie after blowing up Chris' mansion meaning Duncan is almost 18 and that is why he went to 'big boy jail '

The fun zone shouldn't exist if the toxic waste was cleared.

Scott is somehow back to normal after being put in the trauma chair.

Ezekiel somehow got out of the mines.

Contestants still go in the mines after it blew up.

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