Most fans of total drama don't like all stars (like me) so here are the reasons the season was so bad-

1.the final wreckening-possibly the worst episode of the season and the series. We don't know what happened to the eliminated cast members in the balloons. Also the pointless Owen cameo.

2.scott and Courtney -can I say how bad of an idea this was?

3.Sierra's Cody obsession got creepier.

4.When fang reappeared it showed the final four when Gwen said who? Next to Scott , zoey and mike

5.Duncan's elimination - Duncan was never an antagonist just an anti hero. Switching with Courtney in saving private leechball ruined his character.Making him blowing up Chris ' cottage to show he was a villian. Making him get arrested instead of voted out wasn't a good idea

6.Courtney being on the heroic hamsters- Obviously the writers forgot that Courtney was the main antagonist in total drama action.

7.Sam returning- Really? The writers making Sam return instead of brick.

8.Shortening the theme song.

9.Sundae muddy sundae.-One of the reasons this season stunk is this episode since it was despised by fans

10. It was total drama zoke.

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