We all know Total drama is a parody of mostly survivor. Now here is a ranking of each season of Total Drama by the way it parodies survivor( So ridonculous race want be on the list)-

1. Total Drama All Stars.
Total Drama All-Stars (Mobile)

Eventhough it was a terrible season, it made fun of survivor very well. Like Heather's elimination with the McLean brand Chris head is something that would happen in Survivor but with an hidden immunity idol. Except contestants aren't eliminated from the show from a giant toilet.The challenge from evil dread is a survivor challenge. Also the heroes vs. villians concept.

2. Total Drama Island.
The Campers-0

The first season and possible the best, made fun of survivor good. When Heather says haven't you seen shows like this when she makes the final three girl alliance with Lindsay and Beth, pretty much references survivor. Marshmallows instead of fire representing your life in the game. But you can't rig votes in survivor like Harold in basic straining.Also like survivor there is the dominant team.

3. Total Drama Revenge of the Island.
 Well this season is bland but like all stars makes fun of survivor well. I never noticed Scott was a parody of Russell hantz. This season introduced the McLean brand Chris head a parody of the hidden immunity idol. But there won't be a Survivor with toxic waste.
4. Total Drama Pahkitew Island.
The wet salmons

This season is bad but parodies survivor well. Eventhough almost all the contestants are not normal. The contestants having to make their own shelter is a great survivor reference. Also the water game in a Blast from the past is a survivor type game.

5. Total Drama World Tour.
this season is considered the best. Doesn't really make fun of Survivor. Having to build statues in Paris and the blind folded wedding challenges are Survivor like. Also Owen the gang has spoken is a great Survivor reference.
6.Total Drama Action.

Well this season is very underrated. Like World Tour ,never had that many Survivor references. Well besides the ex-contestants voting for the winner there are no Survivor references.

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