I made a topic called most underrated total drama characters now here are the most overrated-

Owen-It is pretty obvious for him to be on the list since he is in every season Owen is overrated because he was the winner of TDI in most countries. Also he eventually became a character that just farted and not play the game.

Duncan- Like Owen he is overrated but Duncan played the game and was the real audience favorite not Owen in TDWT. Duncan was a great character but was ruined in TDAS.
Zoey-The mike's crush turn powerhouse is overrated because she almost went to the final two in ROTI and won all stars in some countries(and Netflix)


Gwen-Yes Gwen who started becoming the punching bag for the writers and started the love triangle in world tour and all stars.
Courtney(TDA,TDWT,TDAS)-Eventhough she was on the underrated TD character list she was overrated in TDA,TDWT and TDAS because like Gwen she became the punching bag of the writers.
Courtney conf Top Dog

Ezekiel(gollum form)-When ezekiel got eliminated from TDWT he ended up being a gollum like character and punching bag for the writers.

Mike- The multiple personality disorder guy was a boring villian who just destroyed things. Also he saved zoey constantly.
Heather-Well heather is a good character but is overrated her character was never off stars.