Okay I like Total Drama and I am trying my best not to talk bad about the show. Some scenes in Total Drama and dialogue shouldn't be in a children's show-

Pretty much everything that happened in x-treme torture(which is my least favorite episode from TDI along with Owen's ending)

Having an episode title be similar to an inappropriate movie(breakback mountain in TDPI)

Eventhough I don't find them bad words, freaking and crap shouldn't be said in a kid's show.

Eventhough I love the scene in that's off the chain when Lindsay cusses out Heather I think the edit is better for kids.

Also when Izzy had her cuss out that put a person in therapy for a few months the edit was better for kids.

The middle finger in That's off the chain and rock n rule? I know Duncan has always been Total Drama's anti hero but still.

Still I like Total Drama and it has possibly become one of my favorite shows.

Oh I didn't watch Total Drama on Cartoon Network with the edits I watched the un edited versions on Netflix.

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