This is my seventh total drama trivia quiz.(sorry if I repeat questions from my previous quizzes since I am getting dry in a way)

1.The ex files the title is a reference to what?

2.What were the alternate personalities doing while Mal was in control?

3.Where does Mal 's name mean?

4.Who are the contestants that made it to the merge every time they play?(contestants that played once and TDPI contestants don't count)

5. Jo is based off of who?

6.Who said in their confessional in all stars it is called total drama not total friendship?

7.When Alejandro told Mal I will see you in the toilet what did Mal say Alejandro called him to zoey?

8.In hook,line,and screamer what was heather doing before she got caught?

9.Why did Courtney tell Duncan he needed mouth wash in the TDA reunion special?

10.In Sierra's home the Chris McLean museum was actually what?

11.What made alejandro the most angry when he beat up Jose ?

12.Opinion What was your favorite final two?

13.Before she joined team Chris is really,really,,really,really hot what was izzy telling team Amazon 's camel?

14. Who helped fix Cameron 's glasses when he was on the villians team?

15.What did Scott say he was doing all night when he was looking for the invincibility statue?

16.Why was Gwen called the new heather?

17.When Mal destroyed Sierra 's smart phone she had her top how many hundred Cody pictures?

18. Who called Sierra a stalker in the TDA reunion special?

19.When Noah was Chris ' assistant what was he giving him?

20.Why did the woman want a discount on the drama brothers CD?

21.Why did Sam want to come back?

22.When Gwen kissed Duncan in off stars she said it was like kissing what?

23.How many pages was Courtney 's pamphlet to fix Duncan ?

24.What color was Courtney thinking of When Duncan was asked what color she is thinking of?

25.Who won award for best reality show cast on the Gemmy awards?

26. Why did the drama brothers do community service?

Ridonculous race questions might be on the next on I make.

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