This is my sixth total drama trivia quiz

1. Who said- you've seen my team we need all the help we could get.

2. how did Alejandro defeat Cody in Hawaii?

3.Who said- It's about time somebody put lacucaracha(sorry for spelling) down.

4. Along with blaineley what is the name of the other celebrity manhunt host?

5.Who said -Al hates being called al Owen must of called him al like 1,000 times.

6.(opinion) What are your favorite eliminations from total drama? Mine are sugar's and Owen' s(TDWT)

7.What colored wig was Courtney wearing when she returned in TDA?

8.Who was the 'audience favorite '(which probably wasn't true ) in TDWT?

9.What did Alejandro say Who Ezekiel was on the train in planes,trains and hot air balloons?

10.What was the country Bridgette was sent to by blaineley?

11.What was heather throwing at the cast while she was running off with the million in ROTI?

12.Jo is based off of what TV character?

13.Where did Duncan learn his strategy that made the killer bass win in dodge brawl?

14. Who are the only original cast members that compete in all stars but don't make cameo happerences in ROTI?

15.In a TDAS bonus clip Who was Duncan writing a letter to while he was in big boy jail?

16. In grand chef auto what did chef use as a fake Chris?

17.Mount chrismore is a reference to what?

18. When Courtney said mr. Plum with the ham sandwich is a reference to what?

19.What did Noah say calling Alejandro a eel slipped in grease mean?

20.What caused Courtney to accidentally kiss Scott?

21. (Opinion) Which is your favorite of one of mike 's alternate personalities?

22. (Opinion) What is your favorite song from TDWT?

23. Besides Ella what other character likes to sing?

24. Finish the line-

Of course I'll marry you Gwen oh Sierra she had a -------accident?

25.Who realized the killer escaping was a challenge in hook,line, and screamer?

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