Never really thought I will make eleven of these. Well here it is how well do you know total drama eleven-

1. Ella is actually wearing what?

2. Instead of cursing,what does Lindsay call Heather before she gets eliminated on TDI in the US?

3.What are the two seasons to not have edits?

4. Why was the name of grand chef auto changed in the US?

5. What my tunes music did the killer crocs play?

6. Why does Shawn say sugar can survive the zombie apocalypse?

7.In Scarlett fever how long was the island self destruct time?

8.How is Manitoba first introduced?

9.The audition tapes for Cameron and lightning are actually what?

10.Who are the contestants that grew up on a farm?

11.Which ridonculous race team ended up on an island of cannibals after their elimination?

12.Leshawna said she saw scarier places where?

13. How much money was Owen's family in debt for buying a chesse cheller?

14.How did Sugar spell gone?

15. What was the name of sky's boyfriend?

16. Who did Geoff say was the hottest girl on the show?

17. Which contestant did Courtney call cute to make Duncan 'jealous '

18. Who said to villiany?

19.How did Cameron know how to survive in the wilderness?

20.What musical instrument did Tyler try to learn to play?

21. Why did Heather act nice when the blue harvest moon come out?

22.Duncan's dodgeball strategy was called what?

23.What were the jobs the other personalities had when Mal was in control?

24.Who are the contestants who fought sharks?

25. Scott said sharks are the What farm animal of the ocean?

26. Who told Katie and Sadie that they encountered poison ivy?

27.What part of Canada is pahkitew island located?

28. Who said take that Al?

29.When Noah was imitating Sierra what did he say would impress Cody?

30.Why does Chris say anyone can go for the million in the final wreckening?

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