This is a quiz on how well you know total drama-

1.why did Chris get the team names on total drama pahkitew island? total drama world tour why did Chris push Noah in the water?

3.What song is mal's whistle?

4.what is the name of dj's pet fish in TDWT?

5.What person is sugar based off of?

6.What did leshawna's letter to Harold say about him listening to The princess Courtney CD and thinking of her?

7.besides the cockpit and bathroom confessional in total drama world tour what was the other confessional? did Sierra 's first confessional end?

9.why did heather want a tape back in one of her confessionals in TDWT?

10.Why did Gwen want a tape back in one of her confessionals in TDWT?

11.What type of infestation did Chris call feral Ezekiel?

12.the zing-zings were actually what?

13.Name all the things that triggers mike's alternate personalities.

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