My 9th total drama trivia quiz since total drama is now ten years old this is going to be my hardest quiz.

1. When does Owen start to fall for izzy? the reasons the following TDI contestants were eliminated(I know this is out of order)





















3.Who said that was for the oatmeal in dodge brawl ?

4.Other than Courtney what other contestant has run for student government?

5.In TDA who referenced lord of the flies when they saw Duncan?

6.Why did Owen work for Chris in TDA?

7.Who called Owen a traitor in TDA and compared Owen to what historical figure?

8.What alternate personality says mike is the best out of all of them in the off stars finale?

9.Who talked about being just as shocked as you in the confessional when leshawna and Harold became a couple in TDI?

10.What did Courtney want to beat Harold with while they were at play da losers?

11.How many hours did it take Geoff to get ready for the aftershows?

12.Other than Courtney what other contestant has beat up sharks?

13.What were the surfer dudes doing when Geoff got the call to return to the show?

14.How did the make up the goths had on get off?

15. What episode of pahkitew island were the father and son watching?

16. For the flashback scene of TDI in the RR what episode was shown?

17.What reality TV shows did Noah and Owen compete on before the ridonculous race?

18. What were the things that made the stepbrothers bond?

19.Who did devin's girlfriend dump him for?

20.What country was Bridgette in at the time of the ridonculous race?

21. Who said Cody's got a tiny sausage?

22. Who are the couples that have kissed in the confessional?

23.Who are the non Canadian contestants?

24.Who said team Amazon needed a man on their team?

25. What two seasons have non animal names for their teams?

26.What did Duncan say about getting his antlers stuck in Courtney 's antlers in the hunting challenge?

27.Total drama,drama,drama,drama island is a possible reference to what movie?

28.What were the other names Chris gave team Chris is really,really,really,really Hot?

29. Why did Sierra not want to strip the guard in the London challenge?

30.Who does junior form a crush on?

31.After the father and son are eliminated What did they say they should watch. until what?

32.Why did Owen vote for Duncan in the TDA finale?

33.When Noah was Chris' assistant what was he bringing him?

34.Why were Lindsay and Beth put in prison while they were in Europe?

35. Who said izzy and Owen were breaking rules 1-3 in hook,line and screamer?

36.What were Gwen's "rules to survive a horror film?

37. What TDA episode references the show 6teen?

38.In the TDA sports challenge What object was also used for the war movie challenge?

39.who are the contestants that had to wear chicken hats?

40. Who were the contestants in the hot tub and pool at play da losers?

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