This is my eighth trivia on total drama (since I am half way through the ridonculous race there will be questions on it) sorry if I have any repeat questions from my previous quizzes.

1. What things did the stepbrothers say to each other when they realized they had things in common?

2.What did the goths say the catacombs should be?

3. When Noah said look they have dollar stores here what was he pointing to?

4.What hat did the fashion bloggers want to put in style?

5. Where were the contestants when the father in son got separated?

6.After niagara brawls in TDWT What did Cody say Sierra wanted to do when they got home?

7.What were the things that showed the 'worst 'in Beth and Duncan in TDA?

8.Who did Sierra originally get as a groom in niagara brawls?

9.Who kept on getting hit with Bridgette 's surf board in not so happy campers part 1?

10.How did Ezekiel get back on the plane (before becoming feral)

11. What did Ezekiel say in the intercom during the Egyptian challenge?

12.Where did Lindsay remember Tyler ?

13. Who called Sierra a stalker in the TDA reunion special?

14. Who called Owen useless?(which is true other than being the punching bag for the writers)

15.Who where the 'pain magnets' in each Total drama season?

16.true or false - Courtney has two voice actors

17.Eventhough Cameron conquered his fear of spiders what is he afraid of now?

18.What did Owen use to blow up the balloons in the final wreaking?

19. Why did jo push the baby carriage in heroes vs. villians?

20.Why did the Chris bots have laser eyes?

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