This is my fifth how well you know total drama trivia quiz

1.What did izzy go by when she was really smart?

2.besides celebrity manhunt and total drama aftermath what other show did blaineley host?

3.boney island in all stars is a reference to what?

4.when Duncan had to fight the bird what did he say people called him back home?

5.Why did Duncan agree to come back to compete in total drama all stars?

6. Who found the intercom in the pyramid in walk like an Egyptian?

7.What art piece did Alejandro hide the truth about Mal?

8.What stuffed animal did Cody sleep with?

9.Before heather kissed Trent what did she say Gwen called him?

10.What did Sierra say Cody looked like when he competed in the Greek challenge tie breaker?

11.What was the name of the fish that contestants had to eat in who can you trust?

12.Why were Geoff and Bridgette the first to be voted out in TDA?

13.(opinion) not including all stars what is your least favorite season of total drama?

14. The McLean brand Chris head is a parody of what?

15.Where is Chris from?

16.Who is the only American contestant?

17.Who sent Gwen the video of heather's cat licking heather's face while she was sleeping?

18. What is the team amazon symbol?

19.What was the name of Duncan's pet spider?

20.Who was eliminated in greece's pieces?

21.what were the things that were in cody's back pocket in the AMA zon race?

22.what did Duncan call a wimpy sport?

23. In the war movie challenge what did Lindsay want to be called?

24.Who liked Jo's killer zingers?

25. What is the name of the bear Bridgette nursed back to health?

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