This is my third total drama trivia quiz.

1.What did Gwen say Cody was like in TDI?

2.What did Chris say about Gwen facing the real killer with a hockey mask,chainsaw and hook?

3.What scene in Broadway baby was cut out in the US?

4. What were the names Chris gave the contestants at the beginning of all stars?

5.The 'Duncan ' running in the woods is a reference to what?

6.What were the places the contestants that took the flush of shame went?

7.What did heather call Alejandro when he had his eyepatch?

8.Who are the only girl characters that didn't fall for Alejandro ?

9.What is the name of Alejandro 's brother that is a soccer player?

10.True or false-mal appears in tdroti

11.What did Dave think he was allergic to?

12.What was the name of sky's boyfriend?

13.Jasmine wanted to make what if she split the money with Shawn?

14. What were the shows in the TDA alternate reality?

15.Who played the ghost studio security guard?

16.What were the original cast members doing on the party boat at the beginning of tdroti?

17.Where did Harold learn battle tactics?

18.Who took Cody 's place on the drama brothers while Cody was on TDWT?

19.What character did Cameron base his suit off of to fight lightning?

20.(this will be possibly the only ridonculus race question) What did the rockers want to buy if they won the million?

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