I made a topic called how well do you know total drama?(qusestions about audition tapes will be in this)

1. What did Noah tell the guard they will do if they strip him down?

2. What was the name of the person that filmed Courtney 's audition tape?

3. What were the statues that the teams the contestants had to build in TDWT?

4.What did dj do to the mummified dog in Egypt that caused him to break it?

5.Name heather's nickname about Lindsay.

6.What three finalists got their audition tapes shown the first season they played in?

7.If Sierra didn't blow up the plane who would of been voted out?

8.Why did Courtney and Duncan switch teams?

9.Besides Duncan and Scott what other cast member had a crush on Courtney?

10.Why did the contestants make up challenges

11.What person is Anne Maria based off of?

12. Why did Cameron want to quit all stars sending him to the villians team?

13. Heather fighting Ezekiel over the million dollars is a reference to what movie?

14.Alejandro getting put in the robot suit and yelling noooooo is a reference to what movie?

15. After the cyper Alejandro yelled no about what happened to the million dollars what did Chris call him?

16.What did heather promise in her audition tape?

17. Who used Scott 's fake invincibility statue?

18.Who did Ella say sorry to in her audition tape?

19.Who are the characters that wanted to take down Justin in total drama,drama,drama,p island?

20.Bridgette ( and heather in the TDAS bonus clips) getting their tongue stuck to a pole is a reference to what movie?

21.What historical figure did Harold call Owen for being a traitor?

22.What is the only team to not have a finalist?

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