This is my tenth total drama trivia quiz. So I am deciding to make this short of easy and hard at the same time sorry if I have questions from the previous nine.

1. In the final wreckening what were the weapons Mal/Mike and Zoey used to pop the balloons that the eliminated contestants were in?

2. Who said a Chris in a box that's a disgrace to boxes.

3. When Justin got eliminated in TDA he said how much percent of the show got less beautiful?

4.In ROTI what did fang use as bait to catch Scott?

5. What did Scott say he was doing when he got back to the cabins in the morning when he was looking for the McLean brand Chris head all night?

6.Name every screaming gopher

7.Name every killer bass

8. Name one (or all) of the contestants that own a cat.

9. What was the name of the dog Duncan lost as a kid?

10. What type of bike did Lindsay make in that's off the chain?

11.Courtney told master chief you need to take a what?

12.Other than Hook,line,and screamer what other TDI episode references a horror movie?

13. What two Star Wars characters does Chris dress up as?

14. True or false Chris calls Team Amazon an all girl team.

15.Name every character that has became bald.

16. Who were the helpers for Alejandro and Heather in Hawaiian Punch?

17.Who was izzy living with when she returned in TDA?

18. Besides Izzy who are the other contestants in total drama to return?

19.Who saved Gwen from getting hit with a dodgeball?

20.Who made a toast to the screaming gophers in not so happy campers part 2?

21. Why did a girl ask for a discount for a drama brothers CD?

22.Who asked why the team names are references to toxic waste in ROTI?

23. Who are the original contestants that appear in ROTI but don't compete in all stars?

24.In Cameron's ending who says fashion school here I come?

25.What country were the teams in during the prison escape challenge?

26. What number is on the back of Owen's shirt?

27. Who was slapped while speaking Icelandic?

28. What pahkitew island challenge were the father and son watching?

29. When Owen gets captured in the ex-files what does he want to remember if he could remember one thing?

30.Who said it looked like the goths were melting?

31. Why did the stepbrothers cheer for the police cadets?

32. What is Chris McLean 's favorite drink?

33. Which team landed on an island with cannibals?

34.Who said soccer is a wimpy sport?

35.When lightning was dreaming that he was about to win the Super Bowl what yard line was he on?

36.Why does fang hate Scott?

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